Sandra’s Journey

woman walking on path

Storytelling ~ Instead of getting a ride home

Tuning Up to Thrive Instead of getting a ride home while my tires were being changed, I walked and did Biofield Tuning in the ...
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Sandra with a chicken foot

From Chicken feet to Community. Huh? 🤣

Tuning Up to Thrive I thought I’d send a picture of me being goofy. Holding a chicken foot! 🤣 "Why?" To amuse you, and ...
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red box with human design and others flying out

Holidays & Feeling Separate

Tuning Up to Thrive Do you have holiday stories? 🎄🎁 Last week, I shared about holidays with my large family. This got me thinking ...
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children with candles

Gratitude & Self-Love for a Satisfying Holiday Season

Tuning Up to Thrive As we gear up for the holiday season, I wanted to remind you of the incredible power of nurturing yourself ...
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bird sculptures, one looks away, the other looks sad

“I’m bad & I hurt people” ~ Sandra’s Journey

Sandra's Journey "I'm bad and I hurt people." This was the underlying belief at the foundation of everything in my early life. Though I ...
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Chaos stress emotion stores in the body

Do I have it all together? No #%*^!

Sandra's Journey Do I have it all together? No #%*^! "You look like you have it all together. You've got it figured out."When a ...
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Emoto water crystals

Water’s memory & my story

Sandra's Journey Water's memory & my story I love you. I am grateful for the nourishment you provide.For years I've blessed my water and ...
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Science, body, healing images, tuning fork

Science & doing healing work

Sandra's Journey Science & how I got into healing work "Do what you love, and the money will follow." 💖💰 You've heard that expression. ...
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