Limiting Beliefs

Sandra with a chicken foot

From Chicken feet to Community. Huh? 🤣

Tuning Up to Thrive I thought I’d send a picture of me being goofy. Holding a chicken foot! 🤣 "Why?" To amuse you, and ...
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Human Design body graph outline

The Secrets are hidden - Where?

Tuning Up to Thrive So, where are the secrets for your business hidden? It's a question many of us find ourselves pondering. Today’s video ...
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Work less & accomplish more in healing

Tuning Up to Thrive Work less & accomplish more in your healing practice Would you like to work less and receive more money? Ultimately, ...
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Stuck in marketing & limiting beliefs

Tuning Up to Thrive Getting stuck in marketing & limiting beliefs Sometimes I just get paralyzed and totally give up. I know it would ...
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Business woman with questions and stress

30 minutes to reclaim power from negative thoughts

Tuning Up to Thrive 30 minutes to reclaim power from negative thoughts This morning my husband and I cut each other's hair. We've done ...
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silhouette of woman eating in the dark

Limiting beliefs & food choices

Tuning Up to Thrive Limiting beliefs & food choices When limiting beliefs are in my way, I seek distractions from the task I'm avoiding. ...
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Colorful picture of woman with flames

What stops you? Limiting beliefs

Tuning Up to Thrive What stops you from taking action? Do you have things to do, but instead you distract yourself? That's been me. Thoughts ...
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Woman's face with limiting beliefs questions

Limiting beliefs & attracting clients

Tuning Up to Thrive What limiting beliefs keep you from attracting clients? Do you see enough clients so you can thrive? Do you run ...
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