Human Design

Human Design & Taking Things Personally

By Sandra Lee / March 30, 2019

Human Design is what first helped me focus awareness on the human tendency to Take Things Personally. As this has always been a personal bugaboo, viewing it from a Human Design perspective has been enlightening. Taking Things Personally is a persistent challenge for people everywhere. It’s a topic that comes up in Human Design readings…

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Biology & Taking Things Personally

By Sandra Lee / January 23, 2019

WHAT DOES BIOLOGY HAVE TO DO WITH THE TENDENCY TO TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY?!? BIOLOGY IS THE FOUNDATION! This post looks at biological factors that contribute to human survival mechanisms that I call Taking Things Personally. I also provide you with a practical strategy for managing this ongoing interpersonal challenge. In the middle of the holiday…

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Difficult Relationships & Surviving the Holidays

By Sandra Lee / December 16, 2018

The Holidays are a time for celebration, gratitude, and love. But for many people this is a season that is filled with … stress. One huge source of holiday stress is family relationships. Sometimes it is the people who are supposed to love us the most, who may actually be the most judgmental and unaccepting.…

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Do You Want to Be Seen & Recognized?

By Sandra Lee / April 27, 2017

Of course you do! Being seen and recognized is a vital human need. We all want to make a difference in the world, and to be appreciated for our contributions. But you may also have conflicting needs when it comes to being seen – or not being seen.Thoughts & Tips About Being Seen, 6+min.Sandra Lee …

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Are You a Perfectionist Fuss Budget? – HD

By Sandra Lee / April 29, 2014

I’ve got two ‘serious’ blogs I’m writing. To tell you the truth, I hate writing. It’s laborious, and seriously procrastination-inducing. Why? Primarily because I’m a perfectionist about it. Zillions of experts recommend that I just write whatever is waiting to be communicated, then go back and fix it later. Well, I can’t get myself to…

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How Was Your Childhood? – HD

By Sandra Lee / July 10, 2013

Do you remember your childhood? Are your memories pleasant? Or difficult? If you are like most people, your memories are likely to be a complex mingling of positive and negative. As children, we develop patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that shape all aspects of our future. For the first six years, we are sponges, soaking up…

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Raising Resilient Children – HD

By Sandra Lee / July 8, 2013

What would it be like if ALL children grew up to be confident, capable, happy adults??? Looking at today’s world, this is greatly needed – and we have a long way to go! Human beings are amazingly malleable, with each life experience adding to the totality of who we are. In the first years of…

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What is a Fractal in Human Design?

By Sandra Lee / March 12, 2013

Do you always attract the same sorts of people? It is natural for us to associate with people who have interests that we share. If you look at your sphere of influence and your acquaintances, you may see consistent themes that are not really associated with your work or other interests. In Human Design, the term fractal refers to something different than it does in mathematics and…

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Your Unique Gifts – HD

By Sandra Lee / January 16, 2013

Upon entering the room, he saw an old woman weaving at a loom. As he drew close, his eyes were caught by the cloth itself. The colors were infinitely varied, ranging from inky blacks to jewel blues and glittering golds. Textures were fine and silky, coarse and thick, sandpaper rough, and soft as a kitten’s…

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Hope & Love for Humanity – HD

By Sandra Lee / November 21, 2012

With all of the not-so-great things that have been going on in the world, sometimes it can be difficult to have a hopeful outlook on the future of humanity. In addition to the financial crises and the natural disasters, we have the occasional person going wild with guns in public places. The insistence on the part of some governments that war is…

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