Body Stores Stress

Sandra points at a Human Design chart and magnet attracting opportunities Body Stores Stress

Human Design & Attracting Opportunities

Human Design & Attracting Opportunities Body Stores Stress Series When you are in alignment with the blueprint of your Human Design chart, you attract ...
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Your Waters Memory Body Stores Stress Biofield Tuning

Tune Your Water & Be Free

Tune Your Water Memory & Be Free Body Stores Stress Series Tune your water's memory and give yourself freedom. Take a new approach to ...
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Man with memory puzzle pieces Memory & Clear Thinking 2

Healthy Brain & Memory

Lifestyle for Your Healthy Brain & Memory Body Stores Stress Series Having a healthy memory depends on a healthy brain. And this depends on ...
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Heal Through Your Biofield Body Stores Stress Electric Health

Heal Through Your Biofield

Heal All of the Layers ~ Through Your Biofield Body Stores Stress Series Access and heal all of the layers of your multi-bodies through ...
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Experience Your Bodies Together Body Stores Stress Bring It all together Tune Your Water

Experience Your Bodies Together

Experience Your Bodies Together ~ PMESE Body Stores Stress Series Experience your bodies together, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. "It has been said, ...
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Memories Habits & water, body stores stress heal through your biofield

Memories, Habits & Water

Memories, Habits & Imprinted Water Body Stores Stress Series Memories of your experiences and emotions record in your body's water. This energetically imprints upon ...
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Water in Your Brain, Body Stores Stress, memory, Sandra Lee

Water & Your Brain

Water Science & Your Brain Body Stores Stress Series Water's unique qualities make it possible for your brain and body to function, and for ...
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Balls of energy in your biofield, trauma, body stores stress, experiences in your biofield, heal through your biofield

Experiences in Your Biofield

Experiences in Your Biofield Body Stores Stress Series All of your experiences and stresses store in your biofield. "Letting go may sound so simple, ...
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Trauma injuries are Stored in the Body, Body Stores Stress, Sandra Lee, Biofield Tuning

Trauma in Body Memory & Pain

Trauma in Body Memory Body Stores Stress Series Experiences and trauma store in body memory and contribute to pain. Between 20% and 30% of ...
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brain as control central for memory, dementia, body stores stress, healthy memory

Dementia & Care for Your Brain

Care for Your Brain Body Stores Stress Series To prevent dementia, care for your brain. "No matter how much suffering you went through, you ...
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Healthy Brain is control central for memory, steering, body stores stress

Brain is Control Central for Memory

Brain is Control Central Body Stores Stress Series The Brain is Control Central for memories that are stored in the body and the energy ...
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Emotions store in water memory trauma stores in body energy field Sandra Lee body stores stress

Emotions in Water Memory in Your Body

Experiences & Emotions in Water Memory Body Stores Stress Series Experiences, trauma, and emotions store in water memory in your body and energy field. ...
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