Biofield Tuning

Sandra Lee talks about working with healing practitioners

Biofield Tuning with Healing Practitioners

I Love Working with Healing Practitioners. Who Benefits from Human Design & Biofield Tuning It's wonderful doing Biofield Tuning and Human Design with other ...
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The Everything Considered Podcast Interview with April Novoa

Interviews ~ Biofield Tuning & Human Design & NDE

April Novoa interviews Sandra on The Everything is Considered Podcast Have you wondered what it's like doing Human Design and Biofield Tuning with Sandra? ...
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Priorities & Sandra Lee with a tuning fork, woman meditating and a Human Design chart

Priorities & Your Business

Priorities ~ Awaken the Heart of Your Business "Although 67% of Americans desperately feel the need for self-care, a whopping 1 in 3 feel ...
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Picture of a woman's face and eye, Being Seen

Being Seen In Life & Business

Awaken the Heart of Your Business Being Seen ~ Awaken the Heart of Your Business Everyone deeply desires to be seen and heard, and ...
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woman walks a path with turns, want something different

Want Something Different?

Awaken the Heart of Your Business Want Something Different? Awaken the Heart of Your Business If you want something different in your business results, ...
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Woman raises her arms wearing one glove, awaken the heart of your business

Awaken the Heart of Your Business

A New Approach to the Blog Several Fun Videos, Little Writing Awaken the Heart of Your Business. 💖 Starting today, the blog is mostly ...
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Sandra points at a Human Design chart and magnet attracting opportunities Body Stores Stress

Human Design & Attracting Opportunities

Human Design & Attracting Opportunities Body Stores Stress Series When you are in alignment with the blueprint of your Human Design chart, you attract ...
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Your Waters Memory Body Stores Stress Biofield Tuning

Tune Your Water & Be Free

Tune Your Water Memory & Be Free Body Stores Stress Series Tune your water's memory and give yourself freedom. Take a new approach to ...
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Man with memory puzzle pieces Memory & Clear Thinking 2

Healthy Brain & Memory

Lifestyle for Your Healthy Brain & Memory Body Stores Stress Series Having a healthy memory depends on a healthy brain. And this depends on ...
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Heal Through Your Biofield Body Stores Stress Electric Health

Heal Through Your Biofield

Heal All of the Layers ~ Through Your Biofield Body Stores Stress Series Access and heal all of the layers of your multi-bodies through ...
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Experience Your Bodies Together Body Stores Stress Bring It all together Tune Your Water

Experience Your Bodies Together

Experience Your Bodies Together ~ PMESE Body Stores Stress Series Experience your bodies together, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. "It has been said, ...
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Memories Habits & water, body stores stress heal through your biofield

Memories, Habits & Water

Memories, Habits & Imprinted Water Body Stores Stress Series Memories of your experiences and emotions record in your body's water. This energetically imprints upon ...
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