Biofield Tuning

Woman open arms, girl pointed at, fear vs love energy

Fear & Body Energetics

Fear & body energetics Fear affects your energy field I need to write my essay. But I don't know how. 🤨💥 Despite the best ...
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Young boy expressing himself holding a book

Express who I am ~ Heart & Throat Chakras

Body energetics Feeling safe expressing who you are ~ Heart & Throat Chakras "What do you want?" or "How do you feel?"When asked those ...
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Giraffe's water cooler chatter with a cloud background

Speak up & be heard ~ Throat Chakra

Body energetics Are you being heard when you speak up? ~ Throat Chakra "Waa waaa, wa waa. Waaa waa."Mom's mouth is moving, but I ...
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Chakra image on a textured background

Safe Being Myself ~ Heart Chakra

Body energetics Feel safe being yourself & the Heart Chakra "I feel peaceful, and like I have more space. I'm not trying to force ...
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Woman with a backpack and her son squat where the surf is coming in at the beach

Feet & Grounding

Body energetics Feet, grounding, and your life issues "You've been stuck for a while. Do you think that could relate to why you keep ...
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Balls of energy in your biofield, trauma, body stores stress, experiences in your biofield, heal through your biofield

Everything is stored in memory

Body energetics Everything is stored in memory & a new level of understanding "Oh my! I hadn't thought about that."The implications of this flash ...
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Shocked, unhappy woman in glasses and her hand to her mouth

A wheel fell off my car

Consciously Create 2023 Holy #%^@!&, a wheel fell off my car Yes, you read that right. It really did.There's a whole story about why ...
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Smiling sun glasses emoji, love and laughter glasses

Love & laughter, money & freedom in 2023

Consciously Create 2023 Love & laughter, money & freedom in 2023 Do you want to attract love and laughter into your relationships this year? ...
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Create word lightbulb, hand with pen, tuning fork, 2023

Consciously Create 2023 ~ Biofield Tuning

Consciously Create 2023 ~ Dec Tune In, Biofield Tuning What do you want? Consciously Create 2023 What's on your wish list for 2023? What's ...
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Balls of experience magnetically attracting opportunities

Life Experience Attracts More of the Same

How Biofield Tuning Works Life Experiences from the Past Attract More of the Same You want opportunities. 😉 So do I.Work, relationship, and social ...
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Kornelia Stephanie interviews Sandra Lee on her podcast

Stories That Inspire Hope ~ Interview

Stories That Inspire Hope Interview ~ The Kordelia Stephanie Podcast Stories That Inspire Hope 💖Inspiring stories touch my heart. Leaving me feeling uplifted about ...
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Happy woman looks up, arms back, secret power of 7 summit

Secret Power of 7 Summit

Secret Power of 7 Summit ~ Free Secret Power of 7 Summit Speaker I'm offering three short workshops in this Free 7 Day Summit. ...
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