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Everything is stored in memory

By Sandra Lee / January 21, 2023

Body energetics Everything is stored in memory & a new level of understanding “Oh my! I hadn’t thought about that.”The implications of this flash of realization stun me. Saying I was shell shocked is an over-exaggeration. Yet that’s the expression that comes to mind. Here’s something I’ve believed for a long time. “Everything that has…

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Shocked, unhappy woman in glasses and her hand to her mouth

A wheel fell off my car

By Sandra Lee / January 5, 2023

Consciously Create 2023 Holy #%^@!&, a wheel fell off my car Yes, you read that right. It really did.There’s a whole story about why it happened, but we don’t need to go into that. How I handled it is worth sharing. I didn’t get freaked out and upset. Much as I want to feel fabulous…

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Smiling sun glasses emoji, love and laughter glasses

Love & laughter, money & freedom in 2023

By Sandra Lee / January 1, 2023

Consciously Create 2023 Love & laughter, money & freedom in 2023 Do you want to attract love and laughter into your relationships this year? Would you like money and freedom too? Hey, guess what. Making that real requires being intentional. If you want to notice an increase in love and laughter, focusing your awareness on…

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Consciously Create 2023 ~ Biofield Tuning

By Sandra Lee / December 23, 2022

Consciously Create 2023 ~ Dec Tune In, Biofield Tuning What do you want? Consciously Create 2023 What’s on your wish list for 2023? What’s important to you? This week’s video is a mini Biofield Tuning session. Consciously Create in 2023. Watch the video. Did you enjoy the Tune In? To attend future free 10-minute Tune…

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Balls of experience magnetically attracting opportunities

Life Experience Attracts More of the Same

By Sandra Lee / October 1, 2022

How Biofield Tuning Works Life Experiences from the Past Attract More of the Same You want opportunities. 😉 So do I.Work, relationship, and social opportunities. 💃🏻 Artistic, creative, and performance. New foods, products, and activities. 💰 Investments and purchases. Opportunities are everywhere. However, my thoughts and beliefs powerfully shape the people and situations I attract.…

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Kornelia Stephanie interviews Sandra Lee on her podcast

Stories That Inspire Hope ~ Interview

By Sandra Lee / August 28, 2022

Stories That Inspire Hope Interview ~ The Kordelia Stephanie Podcast Stories That Inspire Hope 💖Inspiring stories touch my heart. Leaving me feeling uplifted about the future. I had a lovely conversation with Kornelia Stephanie on her podcast, The Kornelia Stephanie Show. My interview starts at 12min 45sec. The other guests are inspiring too. Enjoy Awaken…

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Happy woman looks up, arms back, secret power of 7 summit

Secret Power of 7 Summit

By Sandra Lee / August 14, 2022

Secret Power of 7 Summit ~ Free Secret Power of 7 Summit Speaker I’m offering three short workshops in this Free 7 Day Summit. Clarify Your Purpose with Human Design Get Stuck & In Action with Biofield Tuning Turn Problems into Successes with Human Design & Biofield Tuning For information and to register click here.…

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Sandra Lee talks about working with healing practitioners

Biofield Tuning with Healing Practitioners

By Sandra Lee / July 8, 2022

I Love Working with Healing Practitioners. Who Benefits from Human Design & Biofield Tuning It’s wonderful doing Biofield Tuning and Human Design with other healing practitioners. I share a story about what it’s like working with people who are energetically aware and accustomed to focusing healing on themselves. Awaken the Heart of Your Business ~…

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The Everything Considered Podcast Interview with April Novoa

Interviews ~ Biofield Tuning & Human Design & NDE

By Sandra Lee / June 29, 2022

April Novoa interviews Sandra on The Everything is Considered Podcast Have you wondered what it’s like doing Human Design and Biofield Tuning with Sandra? April Novoa and I had a delightful interview. Like Sandra, April is a Human Design Specialist. And she has other podcast episodes. Awaken the Heart of Your Business ~ Watch the…

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Priorities & Sandra Lee with a tuning fork, woman meditating and a Human Design chart

Priorities & Your Business

By Sandra Lee / May 27, 2022

Priorities ~ Awaken the Heart of Your Business “Although 67% of Americans desperately feel the need for self-care, a whopping 1 in 3 feel guilty about blocking time on their schedules to take care of themselves. Half of the US adult population admits to feeling burned out, so self-care is really a must.” Priorities…

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