Brain is Control Central for Memory

Healthy Brain is control central for memory, steering, body stores stress

Brain is Control Central

Body Stores Stress Series

Memory The Brain is Control Central for memories that are stored in the body and the energy field. “The brain doesn’t learn through consumption,
it learns through creation” ~ Jim Kwik

“We need to understand how our minds work so we can work our minds better” ~ Jim Kwik

Look for a terrific memory technique from Jim below!

Where are Memories Stored?

As your head appears to be where ‘thinking’ happens, it’s understandable to believe that the physical storage location for memories is your brain.

A month ago, I discussed my theory that memory storage is not in the brain. I think the brain is Control Central. And the actual memories are stored in the body and the energy field (also called the biofield or aura). To better understand this, read Is Memory Stored in the Brain?

Today’s post further explores this theory. Please note that I have no authority as a scientist or a medical practitioner. Science and medicine don’t actually understand how memory and the brain function.

Healthy Brain is control central, memory, body stores stress, care for your brain, memory

Your Brain is Control Central for Memory

What if memory is not so much stored within your brain, but controlled and coordinated by your brain?

It is possible that looking at things this way can help to support your mental capacities for a long and healthy life.

If you are concerned about the very real potential for loss of mental capacity as you age, this blog post is for you.

Please have hope that you can do something about this!

Healthy Brain is control central for memory, steering, body stores stress

Steer & Coordinate, Locate & Relate, Connect & Record

Let’s play with this theory. 😃I theorize that the brain executes the following types of activities.Again, please know that I am not an authority in this area, and am making all of this up.

The brain makes things happen. For example, I am writing this blog post and moving my hands to type.

  • Steer. Make decisions about what to do, and determine the direction of action. I decide to write, what to write, etc.
  • Coordinate. Manage everything required to make something happen. I manipulate my body, mind, hands, and the computer to execute writing and typing.

These functions are more directly involved in learning and memory formation. They will also be involved in taking action, as above.

  • Locate. When information comes in, my brain locates previously stored data that is relevant.
  • Relate. My brain relates the incoming data to previously received data. This makes it possible to act upon the new information.
  • Connect. When pieces of data are related to each other, the brain establishes an internal connection between them.
  • Record. I store new data in memory.
Dogs, brain is control central, memory, body stores stress

When I see a breed of dog that I’ve never seen before, I locate my stored memories of similar animals. I relate the incoming info to my previous experiences with dogs. And I make a connection that this is a dog like the others. I record this new memory.

I may then steer to take an action, and coordinate my thoughts and my body to execute it.

Voila! We have a basic theory of how the brain works, and how memories are accessed, enhanced, and recorded.

Disclaimer. Please Note: I am neither a scientist nor a health care provider. So I have no evidence for these theories. I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. If you have a health condition, please contact your physician.

I am making this up 100%!

Brain is control central, memory, body stores stress, making connections

Pull Related Memories Together

Individual data segments may be stored in several locations.

The brain accesses each segment and assembles them into the actual memory.

For example, I hit my head several months ago. This memory is recorded in that physical location on my head, I have emotional responses to the experience, I remember where I was in the house, and mental reminders come up to be aware when opening cupboards while standing on a stool, and grabbing for appliances.

Jim Kwik, Memory & Learning Expert

I illustrate the distributed-memory concept with a technique from this well-known expert. To find Kwik Recall and other programs, go to

Remember a List ~ The Loci Technique

If I have a list of objects, I can tie each to one of a sequence of objects with which I am familiar. Say I have a shopping list, and this is my living room. I travel around the room, starting with the door.

Loci is the plural of the word locus, or location.

I enter the door and attach Potatoes to the table under the window. Lettuce to the doorway. Celery to the TV. Carrots to the candles over the fireplace. Bread to the fireplace. Rice to the cabinet. Flowers to the painting on the wall. Napkins to the chair. Apple juice to the plant.

This is a made-up list, and this isn’t my house. And it’s easy to remember to buy potatoes, lettuce, celery, carrots, bread, rice, flowers, napkins and apple juice.

Brain is Control Central for Memory

This illustrates that I remember things by associating them with things with which I am already familiar.

When something happens, my memory of it stores in several interconnected locations.

When I remember the event, my brain goes to each location, pulls the pieces together and re-assembles the memory.
Now for your practical memory-strengthening tip.
Man in rainbow light and stars

Stress Releasing Intention for Health & Healing

Today’s practical strategy is to exercise your memory. Strengthen it!

Practice the Loci Technique

Find a list to remember using the technique just demonstrated. And have fun. If you make mistakes, it’s okay! The Loci Technique gets easier each time you use it.

The Body Stores Stress

This blog series explores the ways in which experiences, traumas, stresses and emotions are recorded in your body and energy field. And I offer practical suggestions for health and healing.

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Next week: Dementia & Caring for Your Brain

We go deeper into the topic of memory, and start addressing the concerning issue of dementia.

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