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Since 1993, Sandra has been assisting people like you in reducing their back, neck, and shoulder pain. They feel and function better with the assistance of bodywork and energy work.

Are you experiencing an increase in the amount or the intensity of physical symptoms? The appearance of 'New' symptoms can be particularly distressing.

Sandra calls this phenomenon Gradually Increasing Symptoms. The body's need to compensate for the accumulated imbalances has reached a new level, resulting in new symptoms.

Working with Sandra, many clients find that the intensity and amount of their symptoms decreases. Frequently they have the experience of feeling better - and sometimes even younger over time.

You are a Miracle Worker!

My primary client groups are hundreds of miles apart. (Read a couple of paragraphs below for locations.) For ten years, I have driven hours to work with them. Why? Because many of them would be distressed if I stopped traveling for their sessions.

It's all about Results!

Frequently, when I begin work with a new person, they experience results that sessions with other practitioners had not produced.

(My primary locations are Penticton, B.C., Canada, and Olympia, Washington. If you are in Calgary, Alberta and are interested in bodywork, please let me know. I may soon be there regularly.)

Beyond the Physical

When your body is in pain, discomfort can consume an unacceptable proportion of your attention and energy. It is difficult for you to live as the person whom you really want to be.

How do you want to live?

Is health limiting your ability to experience happiness, love, fulfillment, and satisfaction?

You CAN do something about this!

Profound changes can occur as physical limitations and restrictions release, enabling you to more fully inhabit your body and your life.

Healing Sound Vibration with Acutonics

Healing Sound Vibration with Acutonics


Sandra utilizes a variety of modalities. Deep tissue work modalities include SOMA Neuromuscular Integration. Visionary Craniosacral is more gentle and subtle. Acutonics uses sound and vibration to clear blocks, releasing tension and pain. The Acutonics experience is incredibly relaxing and transformative.

Much of Sandra's bodywork and energy work is intuitively guided.

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SOMA Neuromuscular Integration

Do you have neck or back pain that never really goes away . . .

Or do you feel vibrant and alive?

Have injuries limited what you can do?

Is your body getting slumped as you age . . .

Or do you move with ease and freedom?

Soma Neuromuscular Integration (SOMA) is therapeutic deep tissue massage that restructures your body, reversing the effects of injury and aging.

Imagine Yourself Living a Satisfying & Pain Free Life

SOMA's shift from compression to suspension enables you to breathe with ease, and to stand upright.  SOMA helps you slowly remove "blocks" of chronic tension and rigidity, restoring resilience, ease, and freedom to your body and your life.  Some results include improved health, increased energy, and more flexibility on many levels.

Eleven Session Series

SOMA facilitates your access to your body's deep wisdom.  There are eleven 2-hour sessions.  Each focuses on a particular area and builds upon the previous sessions.


"My shoulders were rolled forward after years at my laptop computer. Through SOMA, I was able to correct my posture and relieve the constant pain in my neck and back. SOMA is a mind/emotion/spirit/body experience."
~ Terry Taylor, Olympia, WA,

"Sandra's SOMA work did exactly what I'd hoped it would - resolve my hip pain and help with my severe depression. But it also gave me much more, far more than I could have imagined.

When I began SOMA, I was in a troubled marriage and living a lifestyle that didn't suit me. I had begun a career as an author, but was getting nothing but rejections. I was unhappy, unsure of myself, and terrified of moving forward. I was stuck.

Since I completed SOMA, so much of my life has transformed. My troubled marriage ended, and I began a new, wonderful life living near the ocean. I now fill my days with writing, and have sold 4 books. I met and married my soul mate. I lost over 100 pounds. I stopped taking medication for bipolar disorder.

Here's the thing about SOMA - at least as Sandra practices it. SOMA is more than just bodywork. SOMA is a doorway. A doorway to the life that you want to live. It's like the stuck places get freed up - the physical stuck places, and the mental, emotional, and spiritual. SOMA can help release you from old thought, belief, and action patterns that are keeping you where you don't want to be. At least, that's what it did for me.

I HIGHLY recommend Sandra's SOMA work."  ~ Ande Waggener,

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Visionary Craniosacral Bodywork

Relief from . . .

TMJ Symptoms
Neck & Back Discomfort
Whiplash Symptoms

Craniosacral bodywork focuses on synchronizing the pulse of the cranial fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  It influences the extraordinarily small motions of the bones of the skull.  When this synchronization occurs, the body’s energy is attuned and you are able to think more clearly, function more effortlessly, and feel more aligned.

Sandra incorporates aspects of craniosacral work into all of the bodywork and energy work that she does. She continually facilitates the smooth flow of energy through the body. When the energy is flowing and balanced, then the minute motions of the bones of the body are also synchronized, both within the skull and throughout the body as a whole.

Experience a profound sense of peace and wholeness.

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It is a pleasure serving you.



Sandra Lee, Licensed Massage Practitioner

Washington State Department of Health Massage License: #MA 5691



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