Understand Who You Are

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Human Design helps you understand the truth of who you are. From this place of understanding, you are able to make decisions and take actions that are actually correct for you.

Audio - Benefits of Human Design Readings

Living By Design Leads to Increased . . .

Happy Relationship -  Photo: 123rf.com - Dmitriy Shironosov

Happy Relationship - Photo: 123rf.com - Dmitriy Shironosov

Business Success -  Photo: 123rf.com - tommyandone

Business Success - Photo: 123rf.com - tommyandone

  • Happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, love, joy
  • Peacefulness, ease
  • Abundance, prosperity, $$
  • Ease in communication
  • Attraction of people with whom you enjoy sharing time and activities. This includes prospects for partnership relationships and for business endeavors.
Living By Design Turns Your Circuit On -  Photo: 123rf.com - Oreja

Living By Design Turns Your Circuit On - Photo: 123rf.com - Oreja

If you are living and making choices that are not correct for you, then it is possible that nothing will ever turn out according to your intentions.

Living contrary to your design can be like throwing the circuit breaker on your life. Discovering how to live according to your design can be transformative.

Sometimes, when everything seems like it should be flowing, your interactions with people end up being challenging. And projects you take on just don't turn out.

Resisting Your Design Leads to Increased . . .

Conflict & Struggle -  Photo: 123rf.com - alphaspirit

Conflict & Struggle - Photo: 123rf.com - alphaspirit

  • Anger, frustration, disappointment, fear
  • Struggle, conflict, desperation
  • The experience that you try things and they fail
  • The experience that things aren't working out as intended
  • The experience that you are not heard, not seen, not appreciated
  • The experience that you do not have opportunities
  • Difficulties in relationships, or not attracting relationships that work for you

Consider having a Human Design reading.

Inspired, Energized Action, Peacefulness -  Photos: 123rf.com - nyul, Leslie Banks, goldswain, kapu, dimaberkut

Inspired, Energized Action, Peacefulness - Photos: 123rf.com - nyul, Leslie Banks, goldswain, kapu, dimaberkut

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Photo: 123rf.com - Lavrenteva

Photo: 123rf.com - Lavrenteva

Are You Ready To . . . ?

Photo: 123rf.com - spotmatikphoto

Photo: 123rf.com - spotmatikphoto

  • Accept and love yourself for who you are.
  • Be the best you can be.
  • Be inspired, empowered, and energized.
  • Discover the truth of who you are, according to how you are designed as a human being.
  • Learn the correct way for you to make decisions. There is NO one-size-fits all decision making strategy.
  • Resolve inner conflicts and resistance that are keeping you stuck.
  • Identify your deeper purpose, the true reason why you are alive.
  • Identify your natural talents, those gifts that make you uniquely important in the world.
  • Discover strategies that support you in making your unique contribution.
  • Experience the peace that comes with living your natural gifts, free from inner struggle and conflict.
  • Learn how to make your relationships more loving and satisfying.
  • Learn what attracts people to you.
  • Understand your patterns and rhythms.
  • Learn how your children are designed. Understanding this will make sense of why you may be struggling with them. Discover strategies for how to best support and nurture them.

I have seen Human Design profoundly alter people's perceptions of themselves, their lives, and their relationships. In just a few minutes, you can learn practical, meaningful strategies that are relevant to your day-to-day life and to your relationships.

To request your Free Human Design Chart, please go to the Charts & Readings page.

Your Blueprint

This system helps you understand your true self or authentic self. We are all born with fixed characteristics that are part of our biological structure, as pre-determined by our DNA. Although our environment can affect our nature in many ways, some things will never change.

Human Design is like a blueprint of your conscious and unconscious personality. It is a tool for aligning yourself in divine harmony with who you are. It helps bring clarity to habits and characteristics that you might already be aware of on some level, but may not have fully grasped the 'why' of it.

Energized & Thriving -  Photos: 123rf.com - Joshua Resnick, stockbroker, soloway, not known

Energized & Thriving - Photos: 123rf.com - Joshua Resnick, stockbroker, soloway, not known

Being Truly Happy

This requires accepting all aspects of who you are, and learning how to really BE your authentic self. When you are not sure of who you are, this can be quite challenging and frustrating. The aspects of your personality that you perceive as being 'good' and 'bad' are all just elements of how you express your divine blueprint. It is much easier stepping into your gifts and working with you lessons when you know what they area -- by design.

Many people experience tremendous relief when they have their first Human Design reading. Have you ever tried to be something you aren't and wondered why it doesn't work for you? Have you wondered why you react a certain way sometimes but not all the time? A Human Design reading may release years of built up guilt, frustration, anger, shame and blame. It returns you to a true sense of your unique self, and of the purpose and meaning of your life.

To request your Free Human Design Chart, please go to the Charts & Readings page.

Portraits by Elizabeth Sadhu, EyesToTheSoul.com

Portraits by Elizabeth Sadhu, EyesToTheSoul.com

Sandra's Experience of Human Design

Human Design provides me with a deeper understanding of myself than I have obtained through any other life interpretation method.

Prior to discovering Human Design, I thought the positions of the planets had no significant impact on my life. Many people I know live by the guidance of their astrology charts. Thinking that I 'should' too, I had several astrology readings over the years. I did not relate to the content of those readings, which made not a whit of conscious impact on my life experience. So I was a serious astrology skeptic.

My introduction to Human Design was an interview featuring Karen Curry, creator of HumanDesignForEveryone.com and now the best-selling author of Understanding Human Design. Through that interview, I came to learn things that are relevant to my experience of myself every day.

In one hour, I went from being an astrology skeptic to believing that planetary positions have a very real and practical impact on my life.

I ordered a free chart and Karen Curry's Level 1 training. After reading the brief interpretation document that came with the chart, I had new and significant understandings about how this chart applies practically to my day-to-day life. This foundational understanding of how I am designed is with me forever.

I proceeded to jump with both feet into Human Design Specialist training. I completed Level 1 in two days. Within two weeks, I had begun Level 3, to be followed by Level 4. When I see something that contributes to 'truth' I go for it. Which happens to be a driving theme in my chart, by the way!

To request your Free Human Design Chart, please go to the Charts & Readings page.

Releasing Judgment & Increasing Peacefulness

Life loads us down with socially-imposed expectations. We are supposed to be a certain way, do particular things, and perform according to an exalted set of standards, (which are usually impossible to actually accomplish.)

For me, these started with 'sit still', 'be good', 'be quiet' and 'be nice'. And progressed to 'I have to do everything perfectly,' followed by 'I should be making a lot of money,' and 'I should write a book,' like I've been taught by motivational speakers. Though I managed reasonably well with the early childhood expectations, the adult versions left me defeated. I couldn't seem to measure up to the impossible expectations residing in my head. For years, low level self-judgments pervaded the background of my thoughts. It's like the off-white paint on the walls inside the house; it's always there in the background, but rarely consciously noticed.

Empowered, Right Action -  Photo: 123rf.com - stockbroker

Empowered, Right Action - Photo: 123rf.com - stockbroker

With understanding of my Human Design chart, I now recognize that when there is a To-Do on my expectations list that I'm resisting, there are reasons for the resistance. And that acting on some of these To-Do's is not actually right for me. Sometimes it's not necessary to heal a fear, or to release myself from the limiting effects originating from some old traumatic experience. Sometimes I'm just not designed to take that action! What a relief.

Freedom to Be, Peacefulness -  Photo: 123rf.com - guillem

Freedom to Be, Peacefulness - Photo: 123rf.com - guillem

Letting go of some of the 'shoulds' leaves me feeling peaceful about the choices I have made, and feeling satisfied with what I have accomplished. And actually, more empowered to take action in some areas where I have been resisting. Here is an immediate example of that. It has been years since I spent significant time working on my website. Working on the website and writing for the blog are always on my To-Do list. Usually I have serious resistance to these tasks. But here I am, absolutely inspired to write. Which illustrates a Truth which I have learned through Human Design.

When you enter into an action correctly, and when the action is the right one for you to take, you are ENERGIZED and INSPIRED in taking that action.

To request your Free Human Design Chart, please go to the Charts & Readings page.