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What stops you? Limiting beliefs

Tuning Up to Thrive What stops you from taking action? Do you have things to do, but instead you distract yourself? That's been me. Thoughts ...
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Woman's face with limiting beliefs questions

Limiting beliefs & attracting clients

Tuning Up to Thrive What limiting beliefs keep you from attracting clients? Do you see enough clients so you can thrive? Do you run ...
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Expect healing miracles

Tuning Up to Thrive Expect healing miracles and keep people saying, "Yes." You want to have terrific results with your healing clients, so they ...
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Create miracles & keep people saying, “Yes”

Tuning Up to Thrive Create miracles and keep people saying, "Yes." You want your healing clients to keep coming back, right? Yeah, of course.Well, ...
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hand below and hand above, healing

Getting people to say Yes

Tuning Up to Thrive Getting people to say "Yes" to your healing work Your appointment calendar has too many holes. You feel desperate about ...
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Baby cries in the crib, the foundational separation wound

Making sense of feeling alone

Tuning Up to Thrive I've felt completely isolated and alone ... I've felt completely isolated and alone while in rooms filled with hundreds of ...
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Doing things you don’t know how to do ~ New Format

Tuning Up to Thrive "I don't know how to do this." This was me about a month ago, needing to do something new. This ...
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“I’m bad & I hurt people” ~ Sandra’s Journey

Sandra's Journey "I'm bad and I hurt people." This was the underlying belief at the foundation of everything in my early life. Though I ...
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When I was 6 years old

Sandra's Journey "Everything I do is wrong." At 6 years old, I'm sitting on the floor tallying the times I got in trouble. Want ...
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Are You a Lone Wolf? Tune In

Sandra's Journey Lone wolfism & control Sigh, I don't have time for this. But Tina (or Tom) isn't up to speed. Just doing it ...
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