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You can’t really see me! There’s a Projection Field

You can’t really see me! There’s a Projection Field

I have several events coming up. Including live events in Oliver, British Columbia! Fun! Fun!

Free Show About Human Design & A Workshop

Agalia Baker and Sandra Lee co-hosted an online Quantum Alignment Show. We are leading a follow up workshop April 10 and 17, two (2) ninety minute classes.

The Facebook replay of the Quantum Alignment Show is available for anyone.

Agalia and I are Human Design Specialists and Quantum Alignment System practitioners.

Making A Better Life Despite Projection: Empowering the 5th Line Profiles - Free Replay

Do you feel like no one understands you??

Do you feel like no one understands you??

Among people who know about Human Design, the Line 5 has a bit of a bad reputation for being a tough Profile to have. That’s because of what is called a “Projection Field” where people tend to project expectations upon those with 5th Line Profiles. Understanding about the Projection Field makes sense of SO many challenging experiences.

It is common to feel that no one truly sees you for who you are.

Sandra Lee (3/5 Manifestor) and Agalia Baker (5/1 Generator) hosted the Quantum Alignment Show on March 29. We discussed the 5th Life Profile experience and challenges associated with the Projection Field, as well as the purpose and gifts of the 5th Line Profiles.

Yes, we have SuperPowers!

Whether you are a 5th Line Profile or want to understand better the 5th Line in your life, this show offers an opportunity to look at the 5th Line with new eyes.

Watch the replay of the Quantum Alignment Show on the Human Design for Everyone Facebook page.

More to Come!

Powering Through Projection: Survival Techniques for 5th Lines

A common 5th Line experience

A common 5th Line experience

Sandra and Agalia are presenting a workshop Powering Through Projection: Survival Techniques for the 5th Line Profiles. This is a two part workshop where we will deepen our exploration of the experience of the projection field from the prospective of the 5th Line Profile. … More information.


The pain of the projection field is real. Even though projection is possible in most people's interactions, for the 5th Line Profile in Human Design, the projection field takes on a whole new dimension.

What is the projection field?

… More information

Events in Oliver, British Columbia

Fun things are happening in Oliver, BC!

Spiritual Market

Saturday, April 13, Oliver Community Center

I am offering free Human Design charts and 10 minute readings for $20.

This is the third time for this event. It’s a happening place. Check it out and have fun!

Here’s a link to the Facebook page, though there’s not much on the page.

Workshop & Readings

Human Design: What Is Your Purpose?

Saturday, April 27, 11:00am-1:00pm, $25, Maker Place, Oliver, 101 6272 Station street

Here’s a link to the Maker Place Facebook page. My workshop is not on the page yet.

I am offering half hour readings at a crazy 52% discount. Take advantage of this!

Feel free to contact me if to register, or if you have questions.

Would you like to learn more about your Human Design?

It is my pleasure helping you understanding how you experience your Human Design. Let’s find practical strategies for transforming your experience of yourself and your relationships.

It is my pleasure helping you understand how you experience your Human Design.

Here’s to transforming your experience of yourself!


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