Human Design & Health, Abundance Book Release & Interview

Abundance By Design is already a Best Seller   in Amazon pre-sales! The release date is September 19.   Click  for details about the Abundance By Design   Book Club  , bonuses, and a   special 99¢ sale  .

Abundance By Design is already a Best Seller in Amazon pre-sales! The release date is September 19.

Click for details about the Abundance By Design Book Club, bonuses, and a special 99¢ sale.

This month's blog features Human Design. We've got an interview - and The BOOK!

(This month's blog is a lot more sales-y than usual. October will be back to my usual healing focus with the How Healing Happens video blog about Water Batteries.)

Because . . .

The Book is Here!

I'm a Best-Selling author! Woohoo! In this cover picture, you can barely see the edge of my face. It's me!

My contribution to Abundance By Design highlights the connection between health and living in alignment with your Design. I am naturally inclined to skepticism about the influence of the planets on real life. But personal experience with Human Design's accuracy shaped me into a believer.

Here is an excerpt from my chapter.

Your greatest gifts and your most frustrating challenges are frequently two aspects of the same energy.

And an excerpt that I love from another author, Peg Rose Goddard.

Human Design is like Astrology on steroids.

On steroids is right. Human Design is SO much more than just astrology.

And one more from Karen Curry Parker, from whom I have learned so much.

Isn’t it time to write a new story — your own story — where you create the success and abundance you deserve in the way that is right for you?

Abundance By Design Book Club & 99¢ Sale

We have a book club for enthusiasts who order the book before the September 19 release date. Plus there are bonuses, and a special 99¢ sale. Please click here for details.

Book Release

September 19 is the Kindle release date, with paperback coming shortly thereafter.

Interview - Living By Design & Your Health

My long-time friend and colleague Terry Taylor of Versoria interviews me about Human Design.

Do you like the interview? I'd love your feedback. This is a stretch for me. With the video blog and the podcast, I'm gradually becoming more natural with the flow. Please, submit a comment below, or email me at Thank you!

If you need support in optimizing the effectiveness of your business, Terry Taylor of Versoria is amazing! I recently Facebook posted a testimonial about my experience with her.

Discount on Human Design Readings

In celebration of the book release, I'm offering a 10% discount on readings and reading packages. For prices and other details about readings, go here.


There are more on the website.

I REALLY got a lot out of my reading. I am fascinated to discover that many of the unique ways of being and relating that I have adopted in my life are consistent with my Design. I am pleased and intrigued, and I so value the importance of the timing for this in my life. I can’t wait for the next part to be revealed.

~ Anna Bofill, Oklahoma

We had the pleasure of doing human design charts for our family with Sandra, as well as have some sessions of family coaching. My husband and I both found this experience enlightening and informative. Not only did I have quite a few 'ah ha!' moments, but found a lot of her insight right on! I would recommend this for everyone. I had only experienced astrology before this and really enjoyed a different perspective. All of the tips we received for our family unit I found very helpful! Wonderful experience!
~ Kolyn :)

Create Abundance & Health By Design!


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