Solar Year 2017 and Love What Is

Before the December video blog, I introduce my current big podcast project . . . Then the blog . . . Oh, and I'm being interviewed on the radio this Friday.   With only blogging monthly, there's a lot.

Solar Year 2017 - Healthy Action Quick Tips Podcast

The first  Solar Year Lead In  episode gears up for the journey following the Sun.   2.5 minutes.

The first Solar Year Lead In episode gears up for the journey following the Sun.   2.5 minutes.

Would you like to be more consciously aware of the energies of the Human Design Gates in your life?

Starting December 30, 2016, the Healthy Action Quick Tips podcast follows the Sun through the 64 Human Design Gates.

Learn a bit about the energies of each Gate as the Sun travels through. And get a practical tip for how you can work with these energies in your real life.

Modern life is stressful. These super short podcast episodes help you travel the path with more grace and peacefulness.

Knowing what to expect enables you to plan ahead how to handle situations that arise. You have choices.

From now until December 21, weekly podcast episodes gear up to begin the journey on December 30, when the Sun moves into a new Gate. Solar Gate changes occur about every 5.5 days. Through 2017, episodes will be a bit less than weekly. I will stay ahead of the Sun, so you know what is coming.

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(Technically, the Solar Year is the time that the Earth takes to travel around the Sun. What I am calling the Human Design Solar Year is the calendar year, which I am starting a few days early. From Earth's perspective, the Sun appears to travel around the sky, and through the Human Design Gates. This Solar Year podcast journey begins on December 30, when the Sun moves into the Human Design Gate where it will be on January 1, 2017.)

The first Solar Year Lead In episode, #17 is now available in iTunes. (As is the second episode, #18. Through early January, iTunes timing is holidays-wonky. So, with luck, episodes will post early.)

In iTunes . . .

Receive Planetary Energies - Solar Year Lead In 1

In SoundCloud.

November's Healthy Action Quick Tips Podcast episodes are available in iTunes. They also focused on Human Design. #14 What Am I Expecting? #15 Flip the Coin Over. #16 Wait to Decide

On to the video blog.

Love What Is & Be Peaceful

I share my experience with Loving What Is and Being Peaceful.  4+ min.

The audio-only version is below.

Recently, I've had huge revelations coming from my own Human Design chart. I thought I knew it all, but I was SO wrong!

In this episode of the video blog, I share two perfectly paired practical tips. You get 2-for-1. Enjoy.

Radio Interview - The Healing Whisper

On Friday, December 2, Dr. Mary Anne Chase interviewed me about Human Design on her weekly radio show The Healing Whisper, A Return to Peace. Click here for the show recording.

We discussed several facets of Human Design, including Abundance, and Making Decisions By Design. With January being a typical goal setting time, this is timely.

Abundance By Design

I contributed to a Best-Selling book about Human Design. I'm a best-selling author!

Click here for September's blog highlighting Abundance By Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Healthy, Wealth and Happiness. The blog post featured an interview with me, Sandra Lee about Living By Design & Your Health.

Discount on Human Design Readings

In celebration of the book, I am offering a 10% discount on readings. Click here for information about readings, and to request your Free Human Design Chart. The website lists the Regular price for readings.

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