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Healing Energy -  Photo: - zalewski

Healing Energy - Photo: - zalewski

This is the first in a series about healing that I am very excited to offer. For six months, I've been receiving insights about healing and energy. They are so extraordinary that I call them Revelations. This new awareness enlivens my existence, and contributes to my motivation to share with you.

For those of you who are accustomed to working with energy, some of what I write will be familiar. My hope is that you will still receive value. Please continue to check in with the series, as later postings will present new content, once some basic foundations have been laid.

Focus on Energy for the Series

This series will focus primarily on energy and its role in healing. Numerous physical factors impact our ability to heal. For example, food quality is critically important. (I address food in the Forks for Health blog. Note: Forks for Health is no longer active.) Within this How Healing Happens series, when food comes up as a topic, my focus will be on its energetic contribution to the healing process.

Being a Practitioner & The 'Shoulds'

My work with energetic therapies began with Reiki in 1987. Additional energetic methodologies which I utilize today are The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

As a practitioner, I have an expectation that I 'should' be able to heal myself, and that I 'should' be completely free of imbalances, health issues, injuries, pain, and the like. In actuality, I am just a person. Expecting perfection of anyone is unrealistic, myself included. Perhaps I manage my imbalances differently and more actively than a non-practitioner would, but I still have them.

Given my belief that I should be able to heal myself, this reality occurred to me like "There's something wrong here."

Energy, Believing & Conscious Conflict

I firmly believe that everything is energy. And that it is possible to change anything with thought and intention. At the same time, I did NOT believe that it was possible for ME to accomplish this or to experience the complete healing my mind says that I 'should' be able to execute.

Conscious conflict is a term that aptly describes this multi-minded state. As long as I am conflicted in this way, it is essentially impossible to achieve positive results.

Henry Ford famously said, . . .

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right."

Believing makes all the difference in the world.

Health Care

As a health care provider, I see lack of belief as a primary stumbling block in people's healing process.

When it comes to medical care, the patient's trust in the administering doctor, and their belief in the effectiveness of the treatment dramatically increase the likelihood that the outcome will be successful. When a patient receives medical care, but does NOT believe that the treatment will work, it is highly likely that it will not be successful, particularly over the long term.

As a patient, your attitude powerfully influences the results.

My Experience

Let's look more deeply into what I call facets of belief, and how they impact healing. This is a way of addressing belief that I came up with personally. I have not researched to discover if anyone else uses these terms. I illustrate with myself.

I have had issues with my back and neck since I was in a car accident in 1986. I manage these areas with ongoing chiropractic and bodywork care. However, part of my mind thinks that I should be able to make it all just get better. Simultaneously, another part of my mind believes that complete healing is not possible. I define myself as having these physical issues. Over the years, various therapies have significantly improved my spinal balance and health. Yet the improvements dissipate, and I have returned to my more usual state.

Can you see the Conscious Conflict? I'm engaged in an internal tug of war. Of course, my progress is stalled.

Belief, Self-Definition & Permanence

I have labeled these facets of belief Self-Definition and Permanence. Basically, I define myself as being a certain way. There is tremendous observable evidence supporting this self-definition. And though I may experience improvements, the permanence of those changes has been limited.

Conscious conflict, self-definition and permanence are challenging barriers to healing physical issues. Yet some people diagnosed with terminal conditions like cancer do heal themselves, 'miraculously' continuing to thrive for decades. So physical healing is achievable.

I believe physical issues result from the accumulation of long term, repetitive programming through your beliefs. Making significant changes requires permanently reprogramming your beliefs and thoughts. This is possible, . . . and it takes some doing.

When seeking to resolve issues of conscious conflict, self-definition, and permanence, I use The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

Emotional & Spiritual Issues

When it comes to more purely emotional and spiritual issues, conscious conflict, self-definition and permanence are more malleable. They have not yet manifested as physical form.

In 2007, I shared the life altering healing experience I had when I began doing The Healing Codes. My self-definition transformed through this experience. I continue to experience the difference to this day.

Goals & Manifestation

Challenges with conscious conflict, belief, self-definition, and permanence are equally detrimental to your ability to succeed in manifesting your desires and accomplishing goals. Emotional and spiritual healing can be extraordinarily effective here.

Continuing My Story

I paused my story at the point when I was stuck in not believing that I could heal myself. . . .

Prior to six months ago, I was inconsistent in performing self treatment with The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code. I always knew they would be helpful, but I wasn't following through.

Well, I decided to become consistent. My Belief completely shifted. And this triggered the revelations.

What Is Possible For You?

Would you like to experience improvements in physical issues?

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What About the Revelations?

Have you ever been fully engaged in a dramatic television series? They end the season at a critical moment, leaving you hanging. This isn't a nail biting drama, but I am leaving you waiting. The next installment of my healing revelations story comes to you on March 2.

Happy Healing to You!


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