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Happy Holidays & Successful 2016!

Happy Holidays & Successful 2016!

I have not posted in almost a year! I've been engaged in doing other things, learning, creating . . . and dreaming up what I want to do with this blog. Plus, I allowed myself to be stopped by challenges in learning how to use MailChimp for managing my distribution list. It's coming together.

A ton of changes are coming. I have had astounding revelations about how healing happens. I look forward to sharing them, plus recipes and cooking tips. I will be coming up with product offerings too.

I am excited to be participating in a book project about Human Design. Look for information about that soon.

Living My Truth . . . In Action & In Body

Early in 2015 I had an experience that really woke me up. I talked myself into building a network marketing business, despite past fervent never-again promises to myself. I set goals and forced myself to talk with people about the product. I hated it and had to talk myself into initiating each conversation. I was miserable.

About two months into it, I realized that my gut was clenched. I was starting to show significant symptoms associated with persistent stress. I was unhappy, anxious, and forever snapping at my poor husband.

What was I doing? It was a knock-myself-on-the-forehead moment.

As a practitioner of Human Design, and a practitioner of bodywork and energetic healing for over twenty years, I educate people about the importance of living consistent with the truth of who they are. Yet here I was forcing myself to do something that is absolutely NOT who I am. No wonder it was making me mentally, emotionally, and physically ill.

As soon as I released myself from these self-imposed goals, all of the impacts of the stress dissipated. Releasing myself from this pressure made an immense difference.

Living Your Truth - or not - Impacts Everyone

Recent experiences with clients have demonstrated to me very powerfully how the stress of not living the truth of who you are impacts physical health. For years I have known this intuitively, and I learned a lot about this through my training as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner.

Now I have been fortunate to do both Human Design and Soma Neuromuscular Integration with someone and witnessed the transformation of her life experience, both mental/emotional and physical. It has been amazing.

Experiencing Health Issues?

Are you interested in transforming them?

Is your life stressful? What a question. Whose life isn't stressful? Are you engaged in stress-increasing activities (like the business building expectations that were practically killing me)?

Do you ensure that you get the things that are important for you to be healthy? Do you speak up for yourself and make your needs known? What question am I not asking that absolutely matches your situation?

Just recognizing that you are doing this opens you up to the possibility of making another choice. Consider how my symptoms of stress dissipated as soon as I shifted my priorities and activities.

Are the stressful circumstances you are creating for yourself actually right for you?

I learned that having goals that were not right for me was making me sick. Quite literally.

Are you doing this to yourself?

In my experience, Human Design can be very impactful in assisting you in understanding if the things you are doing are consistent with the truth of who you are.

Would You Benefit From Support?

Would you benefit from having the support of a practitioner? I invite you to consider the services that I offer. Human Design, The Healing Codes and The Emotion Code/The Body Code, Soma Neuromuscular Integration and other bodywork and energy healing modalities. I am finding them to be more powerful than ever before, individually and when combined.

What's Coming in Human Design

I am contributing a chapter to a book project with Karen Parker, the teacher who has richly enhanced my life by teaching me about Human Design. Look forward to announcements about this in the coming months.

Plus, I am considering writing a book or two of my own. Gasp! This has been a long time coming. One project I've dreamed up is about Human Design. Another is something I've been telling myself I should write and teach for a long time. As far as I know, the way that I do bodywork and energy work is unique. I think it may actually be the time for me to do this!

Prices Increasing

With this book project coming, it really is time to raise my rates for Human Design readings. So if you are considering having readings, do it now! Here's a link to the page about readings.

Have a Wonderful 2016!

Celebrate Your Health Building Journey.


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Have a Wonderful 2016!

Celebrate Your Health Building Journey.

It is a pleasure serving and supporting you.



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