The Emotion Code & The Body Code

For many years, I have chosen to believe that everything is energy, and that I create everything about my life and my world. On a conscious level, I seek to heal any emotional wounding that has occurred in my past, because it is ultimately those old wounds that shape my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on a subconscious level.

Since 2005, I have used The Healing Codes. Using this technique, I experienced a deeper level of healing of several significant lifelong emotional issues. The Healing Codes is truly effective in healing cellular memory.

Early in 2009, I began doing The Emotion Code, which clears blocked emotions. It makes sense to me that blocked emotions contribute to all imbalances. I was quite pleased to experience immediate results, for myself and when working with others. I frequently found that it made a tremendous difference when addressing emotional issues. Sometimes there were also significant changes in physical issues.

However, I was continuing to experience physical challenges myself. For several years, muscle tension had been building in my neck and shoulders. (Why? Since moving from Olympia, Washington to British Columbia, I have received massage/bodywork much less frequently than I had grown accustomed to. Bodywork most definitely makes a tremendous difference!) For about a year, because of this increased tension, I had been having consistent headaches. Chiropractic care was barely keeping the headaches under control. I was quite concerned.

Supposedly I'm a 'healer'! Practicing all sorts of methodologies that are supposed to relieve me of such symptoms. Right??!! Well, this was a real problem. To be honest, it's embarrassing, and not something that I wanted to speak about. For those of you readers out there who are 'healers', can you relate?

What's New

Two fantastic new technologies have come into my life. They make all the difference. I have much less muscle tension, and the headaches are no longer a problem.

I'm excited to share with you about them. I don't like sounding like an advertisement, though it might look like I'm just promoting products. Please forgive me if it comes across that way.

Basically, the first point is that it is possible to heal a variety of issues using energetic clearing of blocked emotions and other imbalances, with immediate relief of symptoms. The second point is that therapeutic cold lasers really work in healing and relieving symptoms. If you choose to look into the specific technologies that I share here, then terrific. If you prefer other options, go for it. It's all energy.

The Body Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson recently released a comprehensive healing system called The Body Code. In his decades of practice as a holistic chiropractor, he found that there are six general areas of imbalance that lead to our having symptoms and dis-ease. The Emotion Code (mentioned above) works with blocked emotions, which is but one of the many types of imbalance. Using The Body Code and muscle testing, I now quickly and easily test all of the areas, determining where a person's energetic system say its imbalances are.

This is in no way diagnostic. And I do not claim to actually heal anything. Muscle testing asks the person's energetic system what is out of balance, but I do not presume to know for certain whether what comes up is actually medically diagnoseable. Then a magnet is used to energetically clear the imbalance. That's it. The proof is in the results. All I know for certain is that people feel better.

Before I go further, I want to tell you that The Emotion Code on its own is an extremely powerful and effective self healing technique. For most people, this simple and easily learned technique is sufficient.

My Personal and Client Experiences

Let's return to the issue of my headaches. If I feel like a headache may be coming, I do The Body Code focusing on my neck and the headache. After I clear a couple of things, my almost-headache is gone. It only takes a couple of minutes! It works so consistently that I use The Body Code whenever something comes up, headache or otherwise.

Here are more recent stories.

My mother was my very first Body Code 'guinea pig'. Prior to our session, she felt like the arthritic symptoms in her fingers were worsening rapidly, and she was worried. Activities like gardening definitely aggravated the symptoms, including pain. After we cleared 4-5 things with The Body Code, her fingers were very much better on the right side, and significantly better on the left. It only took a couple of minutes. She noticed differences after clearing just one blocked emotion. I called her today, nineteen days after our Body Code session. She is no longer worried, because the symptoms are no longer increasing, even following activity. She still has more flexibility and less pain than before doing The Body Code.

One aspect of The Body Code is learning how to use 'Test Points' for indicating when there are energetic imbalances in organs and glands. Here is an example. My friend was noticing right knee discomfort. Both the gall bladder and the knee tested weak. I cleared two blocked emotions. The discomfort completely disappeared, then both the knee and the gall bladder tested strong.

When working with people who are experiencing stress, and the resulting negative emotions and life situations, I have great results using The Emotion Code. Now that I use The Body Code (and The Emotion Code as part of it), the results are even better. It feels like the clearing is more thorough and profound, because the imbalances are more specifically identified. For example, a friend of mine chronically clenches her solar plexus and jaw. The Emotion Code has previously helped her with this. This time, I tested with The Body Code and came up with the diaphragm muscle, which makes sense. We cleared several blocked emotions from the diaphragm. She noticed significant improvement in her solar plexus symptoms halfway through the list.

We all are miracles. It's wonderful being reminded when these things happen.

In case you didn't read this above, I say it here again. The Emotion Code on its own is an extremely powerful and effective self healing technique. For most people, this simple and easily learned technique is sufficient. Information about these products is available here.

I am available for Emotion Code/Body Code sessions by appointment, in person and by telephone. If you have questions or would like to schedule, please feel free to contact me.

You are a Being of Energy and Light! Shine!


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
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