A Different Perspective on Gratitude

Recent circumstances have led me to feel immense gratitude. Then I started receiving everyone else's messages about gratitude and thanks giving. Evidently, I was tapping into what was already in the field.

Every day, I am profoundly grateful for all of the wonderful things in life, for opportunities, for health, for family and friends, and so much more. However, at times day to day circumstances don't go as well as I would like. Then I appreciate the opportunity to learn and to grow that is being presented. For me, these are pretty normal reasons for being thankful.

This past week brought opportunities that go deeper, where the experience of gratitude was less readily accessible. I really had to do some intense mental and emotional work.

A Difficult Situation

A customer of mine was extremely dissatisfied, because her needs were not being met. Unfortunately, many of the circumstances involved were absolutely out of my control.

Providing good customer service is a high priority for me. I was unable to easily make the situation all better, and I thought about it obsessively. As her upset escalated, so did mine. Upon realizing this, I intentionally switched my own thoughts and feelings to a positive track, and I sent her love, calmness, and peacefulness.

A Opportunity for Healing

I had been over reacting. So I asked, "Why does this upset me so much?"

In my world, keeping people happy is critical. Essentially, making everything 'all better' has been a lifelong survival mechanism. I was freaking out, because someone was upset with me, and I couldn't 'fix it'.

I have been looking back at my lifetime memories of being out of control, not able to take care of people, not able to fix things, and not able to keep people happy. And I have been doing Healing Codes for myself associated with these issues.

I never know when circumstances will arise that bring up old stuff, tossing me into the middle of old emotions.

What an opportunity this is!! And THIS is what I am grateful for.

Thanks for the Pain -- and for German New Medicine and The Healing Codes

A few mornings ago, I got out of bed and felt sharp, stabbing pains in my upper back. Every move of my head or shoulders was agony. Everything had been fine an hour earlier.

Since learning about the German New Medicine (GNM), I have looked for the emotional roots underlying dis-ease symptoms. GNM considers health challenges as part of the body's natural process of healing from traumatic events.

"What had I been doing or thinking before the pain began?" I realized that this was significant. I had decided against doing something that I wanted to do.

How does this fit from the perspective of GNM? Muscles relate to conflicts of being stuck or trapped, being unable to take action, or being unable to hold on to something. Now that makes sense! This is really just a continuation of emotional issues that have been with me for a very long time. When looked at as my body's healing process of resolving these old conflicts, the pain makes sense.

I reviewed my related memories, then did The Healing Codes. Now I have experienced a deeper layer of resolving these issues than I have in the past. And the pain is gone.

What an opportunity this is!! I am grateful for having a body and emotional system that so immediately show me where healing is needed. And for the ability that my body and emotional system have to heal themselves. What a stupendous amazing miracle!

I appreciate the German New Medicine, and Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer for this way of understanding health. I appreciate The Healing Codes, and Dr. Alex Lloyd for his ongoing work (with God) with this powerful self-healing method. I appreciate myself, for being aware and for doing what it takes to heal myself.

Apply This Approach to YOUR Life

When situations get difficult, you can try this sort of approach. Even without understanding of German New Medicine and The Healing Codes, you may be able to leave behind upset feelings and move forward.

The following questions may be a useful place to start. Really, any question that enables to you look more deeply into the roots of your reactions and feelings can be helpful.

"Why does this upset me so much?"
"What was I doing or thinking before this started?"
"How was I feeling?"
"What was happening?"

Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested in having me support you with these modalities. sandra@MiracleInspirations.com

Be Grateful for Whatever Life Brings

It's ALL a miracle, and a manifestation of love in the universe.

Life is an Amazing Miracle. Here's to Celebration and Gratitude!


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

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