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Upon entering the room, he saw an old woman weaving at a loom. As he drew close, his eyes were caught by the cloth itself. The colors were infinitely varied, ranging from inky blacks to jewel blues and glittering golds. Textures were fine and silky, coarse and thick, sandpaper rough, and soft as a kitten’s fur. Each pass of the weaver’s shuttle laid in a thread, adding to the richness and depth of the tapestry.

    “Dear woman, what is it that you weave?”

    “Why, this is the fabric of life. As each living creature travels through its life, it is represented by a thread.”

    Looking closely at the weaving, he could trace individual threads. He observed how they gathered together, creating the picture of the whole.

    Lifting his gaze from the loom, he saw bolts of fabric surrounding the loom, propped against the walls, and piled on shelves.

As a weaver myself, I will always remember this image from a novel by Orson Scott Card. When thinking about how to describe the unique and special contributions that each of us makes to the overall picture of life, I recalled this scene.

What quality, color and texture of thread are you contributing to the fabric of life?

What are You Here to Do?

That’s THE question, isn’t it?

Each of us is on the planet to make a difference. We are designed with abilities, skills, and qualities that lead us to contribute in ways that are uniquely our own.

If you have participated in personal growth and success programs, you may have gone through exercises focused on identifying 1) your skills, 2) what you are an expert at, 3) the activities that cause you to lose track of time, and 4) what you love doing so much that you enjoy doing it even when you are not receiving monetary compensation. You have probably sought to identify 1) your falues, 2) your purpose, and 3) your mission statement.

In my opinion, these exercises theoretically point you in the direction of what you ‘should’ be doing to be successful. Personal growth programs then tell you to Just Go Do It.


Human Design & Your Gifts

Human Design takes a different approach. I do readings for many people who are seeking their perfect ‘work’. Frequently what we see in their Human Design charts coincides with what would show up on these people’s numbered lists in the above-described exercises.

Human Design charts are not predictive. They tell you neither what you will do, nor what you ‘should’ do. Human Design charts include all of the energies that are possible to experience during life as a human being.

The Centers, Gates, and Channels that are colored in your chart represent energies that you have and/or themes that you are likely to experience in the course of your life. In Human Design, we say that these Centers, Gates, and Channels are Defined.

For more details about the energies within the Human Design Body Graph, I blogged several times about Human Design in November, 2012.

You can also go the Human Design page on my website.


What determines which energies are Defined in your Human Design chart? each Defined Gate in your chart represents the position of a planet in the sky at the time of your birth. (Defined Gates are represented by colored ‘lines’ in the chart. It’s more complex than this, but for today’s discussion, this explanation will suffice.)

Before learning Human Design, astrology was the only system I had experienced that interprets planetary positions.

My personal experience of astrology was that it had essentially no impact on my conscious life. Basically, I didn’t believe interpretation of planetary positions could provide me with practically useful information.

Human Design has completely transformed my faith in planetary influences. As I do readings for family, friends, and clients, I am repeatedly surprised and amazed at how accurately Human Design describes people’s lives and experiences of themselves. Planetary positions DO matter! It’s been a stunning revelation for an astrology skeptic.

Your Time of Birth

I have found Human Design charts to be consistently accurate. Even when someone was born prematurely by cesarean. Because one of my friends was born one minute after midnight, I figured that she purposely chose that time. Investigation revealed that had she been born an hour earlier, a significant energy in her chart would have been absent. She knew when she needed to be born.

I believe that each individual chooses their time of birth.

Each soul has a plan for what they want or need to experience. They know which energies need to be represented by the planets in the sky. And the soul orchestrates the circumstances to ensure that birth occurs at that time.

Living By Design

Your soul KNOWS how you are here to contribute. It was part of your plan. Human Design can’t really tell you WHAT you will do. It can help you discover various aspects of what you expression of contribution is likely to look and feel like. A reading can describe a range of scenarios that could be possible. The energies in your chart describe THEMES that you are likely to consistently experience throughout life. Some people think a lot, others tend to be creative. Some people have a lot of ideas, others like experimenting. Some people are nurturers, others are drawn to nature. Some people are leaders, others prefer solo pursuits.

All of the energies in your chart combine within your experiences. When you engage in activities that draw out your natural expression of these energies, you are living according to your design.

You Attract Opportunities

On an energetic, auric level, you attract opportunities to fulfill your plan. Understanding your Human Design chart helps you recognize the opportunities when they appear. Your chart is like the blueprint for your life. It’s up to you to follow the plan, . . . or not. You get to choose. But it’s easier to follow the plan when you are aware that there IS a plan.

Human Design Readings

Would you like to understand the energies and themes in your Human Design chart? Would you like to explore the ways in which you express your gifts in the world?

Once you have had a basic chart reading, other types of readings can help you comprehend your design more deeply. Relationship readings help you understand the dynamics that you experience with other people. Of particular relevance to families are readings focusing on children’s charts, and on family issues and dynamics.

Return readings help you recognize life themes that change over time. Solar returns describe annual themes. Then Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron readings show you the themes that come up as you age and mature. The time periods correlating with these planetary ‘events’ have the potential to be quite significant: late 20’s, around 40, and around 50.

For more details about readings, go to the Human Design page of my website.

Human Design charts are free!

Request Your Free Chart

Please send the following information to me at . I will send your chart by e-mail, along with a basic interpretation document.

Name, Birth date, Birth time (as accurately as you know it), Birth location, e-mail address

(Your information remains confidential, and I do not keep it on the Internet. Requesting a free chart places you under no obligation to have a reading.)

You may also request charts for other people. This can help you understand why people behave as they do, and your relationships with them.

Make a Difference With Your Unique Contribution!



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