What can you Do to reduce the impacts of Stress on your life and your health?

This is always an important question. In these coronavirus times, stress and fear are rampant. Making stress management even more critical.


We have social distancing and the resulting isolation that many people are experiencing. Many businesses are closed. Threatening not just our way of life, but for some, even survival. It is not surprising that we are already seeing increased incidence of depression, and even suicide.


Last week while doing Biofield Tuning, I predicted something. Years after 2020, I think there will be a wave of people whose ‘Heart’ health has been damaged by the extended trauma that everyone is being dose with.

A New Blog Series

These realizations nudged me to make a video/audio blog series.

Today’s post starts a conversation about the Fight or Flight response, the body’s instinctive survival response to danger. Then I offer practical actions that can help you get stress under control.


As a Licensed Massage Therapist, managing the impacts of stress on people’s bodies is one of the most common things that I do.

This Your Health ‘On’ Stress series will share the most common topics that I discuss with my clients.

Your Health ‘On’ Stress & What You Can Do

Introducing the Fight or Flight response system. 6 minutes

Be Aware & Choose!

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Sandra Lee

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Sandra Lee, Energy Healer

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 29 years, and is now a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist.