You CAN Have an Impact


I think everyone would agree that the world needs healing. With political divisiveness and conflict flying around, what healing is called for might be debated. However, the need for healing is undeniable.

Witnessing what is happening is stressful. And emotionally, perhaps even physically painful.

Today’s video blog is about a global difference that you, an individual person can make. First, I want to speak about the collective, and what is happening.

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Powerlessness becomes Explosiveness

When the experience of powerlessness builds up — over years, decades, longer… — it contributes to explosiveness. Things long suppressed, unspoken and unseen, and are now exploding.

May this contribute to healing for everyone. With adjustments in priorities and policies, beliefs and actions. May everyone be healthier and happier on the other side of this upheaval.


When individuals collectively take their pent up powerlessness out into society, we get violence, demonstrations, and rioting. It is important to recognize the power of accumulated powerlessness. Positive contributions have been made through the public display of upset. We now openly speak of issues that were previously under cover of silence.

Please, may we now allow healing to occur? With a return to functionality? Expression of feelings, losses and needs can continue, more peacefully.

What Can Individuals Do?

Most people wish they could do something to make a difference. Within their own lives, and for the world. We hope that people have some ability to take effective action within their personal lives.

Many people feel powerless to have any relevant impact on a global level.

As with the collective, powerlessness piles up for individuals, contributing to stress and overwhelm.


When it becomes intolerable for individuals, sadly, some feel so hopeless that they end their lives. For the first time in my 50+ years, numerous people in my immediate sphere have friends or family who ended their lives. Multiple suicides in the past couple of weeks! (I could not quickly find experts saying that suicide is up in 2020.)

You CAN Have an Impact


Throughout this Your Health on Stress & What You Can Do series, I’ve offered simple ways to release stress. Practical ways to look at situations and take action to help yourself and others.


Stay tuned …

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