What’s On Your To-Do List?


How often do you complete everything on your To-Do list?

For me, pretty much never. Plus, what I put on my list changes day to day, because I know that I just am not very good at doing something every single day.

I think a lot of people have a dysfunctional relationship with To-Do lists and all that they represent.

I think list-making is useful, supportive, and empowering when approached sensibly and with flexibility. When I am using lists effectively, I am more productive and less stressed out.

This new Healthy Actions for Daily Life series is talking about how you relate to doing things that support health, happiness, relationships, work, business, and success.

Would you like strategies for becoming more consistent in taking supportive actions?

Today’s video talks about several aspects of getting started that I find particularly helpful.

  • Make a List
  • Pick ONE Action to incorporate into your life
  • Track

Next week I will talk about follow-up steps. Personally, I had big realizations when considering these follow-ups. The light bulbs were so significant that I was inspired to start this Healthy Actions for Daily Life series.

I encourage you to engage in this week’s actions, as mentioned above and described in the video. Then when you see next week’s video, you will have revealing experiences to work with.

If you have specific questions or struggles that you want me to address, please let me know.

After the video, I talk about Creating the Future and how Biofield Tuning helps me get through feeling stuck and into action.


What’s On Your To-Do List?

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