What Do You Really Want?

Happy Solstice. This is always a powerful day. This year, we have significant planetary energies to lead us into a new year.

January 1 is a time when many people set goals, but really, this is a valuable process Any time.

We all hope and pray that 2021 brings ease, hope, health, happiness, and abundance, lifting us collectively out of the chaos that was 2020.


Now let’s talk about goals.

I am going to be honest.

I’ve never been someone to set big goals. Why? It’s a Fear thing. Throughout my life, I allowed many flavors of Fear to stop me. I mostly avoided thinking about goals, because it is uncomfortable.

When someone asked me what I want, I would never have a clear answer. Instead, I felt embarrassed, and like there is something wrong with me.

Is this a familiar feeling for you? Realistically, I think almost everyone is stuck in some version of this fear.

Despite this, I’ve been reasonably successful. I am grateful to have a happy life, health, a wonderful marriage, relationships that I treasure, fulfilling work, and resources. And I’m ready for more.

I am changing things up. You have heard me speak about working with a new coach, Teresa. I am now seeing things differently.

Teresa led me to an amazing opportunity to learn from Bob Proctor, a success coach whose reputation is legendary.

All week I have been learning success principles from the Master.

One result is that I am finally creating a vision for what I want.

This week’s video talks about the value of writing down What You Really Want.

If you are ready to be more conscious and intentional in how you create your life, consider joining the Mastermind Group that Teresa and I are starting in just a few weeks. See below the video.

6 minutes

I mentioned Teresa Walkerley in the video. She is my inspiring and supportive new friend, coach, and co-creator. With Teresa in my life, I am making new things happen. It’s fabulous.

If you want support in activating your passion and your purpose, consider joining our Mastermind group. We would love to play and create with you.

Contact Teresa for more information.

I am also happy to share my experience. Feel free to contact me.

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Stay Tuned…



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