What Do You REALLY Want? Do You Know?!?


The coronavirus shutdown and social distancing are shattering our societies and economies. Any semblance of ‘normal’ life is nowhere in sight, and people are doing whatever it takes to survive. Friends talk about struggling financially, and feeling stuck when it comes to their ability to work. It makes sense that depression, suicide, and addiction are on the rise.

To help people through this challenging time, I started a series of Biofield Tuning group sessions focusing on Manifestation & Abundance.

Before the first group session, I asked participants the following question. Some of them were at a loss to answer.


In today’s video blog, I share my personal experience of healing around this question. Can you transform your freedom to ‘Want’?

What Do You REALLY Want? Do You Know?!?

This is the Your Health ‘On’ Stress & What You Can Do series. (To see more of the series than is accessible via the right side menu, see Blog Map at the bottom of the page.)

10 minutes

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