Water & Healing, From Macro to Micro

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How Healing Happens

Water for Life

Water miracles are everywhere. In the Water Makes Life Possible post, I wrote about my experiences in the wilderness and the importance of water ‘out there’ in Nature. Click here to read it.

Nature works even more astonishing miracles ‘in here,’ within our bodies, and within the bodies of other living, breathing creatures.

Plants are diverse, and astoundingly beautiful and complex. They grow and multiply, they produce seeds and fruit, they break up soil, and they hold soil together. But for the most part, plants are stationary.

Animals get up and walk around! Creatures crawl, fly, swim and slither. They carry, bury, and pick. And the variety! Giraffes, blue whales, and elephants live on the large side of the scale, and ladybugs, worms, and gnats inhabit the small end. Talk about miraculous and varied!

Then we get to humanity. Walking, talking and thinking. Cooking, cleaning and driving. Singing, painting and making pottery. Reading, writing and inventing. Cultivating food. Then there’s the Internet. And so much more.

None of this would exist without water.


Photo: 123rf.com - kurhan

We drink water, cook with water, and wash with water. There are countless outer ways in which water supports our health. For the sake of today’s discussion, I’m making up a term for it. Macro water. Macro water is visible and unmistakably valuable in its role.

What is Micro water? I invented this term referring to the inner water within our bodies that is microscopically small. Water fills each cell of your body. (Image below.) It’s both a basic ingredient for the body’s uncountable chemical reactions, and the solution within which those reactions occur. Water is required for producing energy, and for everything else.

Image of a cell, filled with fluid matrix,  Image from Visible Body A&P app
Blood cells in cross section of a blood vessel,  Image from Visible Body A&P app
The Digestive System,  Photo: 123rf.com - pixdesign123

Life would not exist without Micro water.


You consume Macro water in food and drink. This eventually becomes Micro water in your cells. How does it get there?

Your Digestive System brings water in and assimilates it, adding the fluid to your blood. From there it leaves the blood vessels and enters tissues throughout the body. Some of this fluid gets incorporated into the cells.

The Circulatory System, arteries, veins & heart,  Image, Visible Body Atlas app

The Circulatory System transports blood, with the heart pumping it.

The cross section of a blood vessel (above) shows red blood cells (which contain Micro water). Blood cells flow through your arteries and veins within a fluid matrix of blood plasma that is up to 95% water.


The human body has been described as being bags of water. It’s like a collection of interconnected bags, large, small, and tiny. One inside another inside another. They are all interconnected.

Everything about your body is designed around the presence and the complex functionality that is facilitated by water. This is no accident, folks. Water is what makes it all possible.


The body, and water’s role within it are both infinitely more complex than this brief teaser of information can provide.

Your ability to function, and your capacity to heal are absolutely dependent on the availability of ample quantities of clean water.


If your water consumption is low, just start drinking more. Every little bit helps. Your body will thank you.


Read here about my recent experiences of the power of water in nature. See my pictures too.


Soon I am getting to the understandings about water that led to my huge realizations about water and health. I’ve been hinting about revelations. This sharing is coming. Water will tie together the elements that I’ve been laying out for several months. This helps us understand why water is the key to everything. Stay tuned.


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