Take Actions for Your Daily Life


How are you doing at taking care of yourself?

Sometimes I do really well at this, and other times, I fall off the wagon. I used to give myself a hard time about it, but choose to be more compassionate with myself now.

Personally, I struggle with aspects of business. In 2020, I started and am growing a whole new business. I come up against things that make me uncomfortable all of the time. Stretching has been and continues to be required. Yet I still avoid the discomfort every chance that I get.

Today I talk about ways to support yourself in getting the important things done.

Even in the best of times, it can be difficult to do the things that we all know we ‘should’ do.

The stresses of life in 2020 make it harder to effectively and consistently do these things!

Health. Movement or exercise, eating foods that truly support health, and getting enough sleep are common areas where you may struggle in getting the basic daily requirements.

Relationships. Many actions are necessary to support your relationships, families, and children. ‘Remote learning’ is wreaking havoc on SO many families! Talk about STRESS!

Jobs & Work. If you have a job, work often is prioritized and gets its share of time and energy. However, there may also be beneficial actions that are being left out.

Business – Daily & Expansion. For business owners, there may be so much to do that they end up delaying important activities. It is SO easy for me to focus on today’s appointments and put off activities like bookkeeping. Finding a bookkeeper is another task that I avoid!

It can be challenging to put time, energy and resources into ‘new’ endeavors that would support growth in your business. (This also goes for stretching in your personal life.) Sticking with the status quo may be easier. But uncomfortable stretching may be required to support progress.

Of course, there are many other areas of life that benefit from your efforts.

After the video, I will talk about Creating the Future and how Biofield Tuning helps me get through feeling stuck and into action.


Create Your Future With Daily Actions

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