Sandra’s Two Radio Interviews

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I have had two terrific interviews on BlogTalkRadio! Sharing with the world about Biofield Tuning. They were Tuesdays, January 5, and January 12, this morning. Links to listen to the recordings are included below.

Now for the rest of the blog post that I made on January 4.

This is certainly ‘new’ for me. It’s a stretch in terrific ways.

More about the radio interview in a few minutes.

How Can You Stretch?

What can you take on that is a stretch for you? If you have things you want to make happen, it takes action to make progress.

Every journey begins with one step.

How do you want to grow or improve? I encourage you to pick one doable action that will move you forward. Something that would not have happened without your making a conscious decision.

Then do it. And see how that feels.

I am really taking on growth and goals in completely new ways. It feels empowering, though also somewhat terrifying. I am learning that the ‘terrifying’ aspects of these reaches beyond my comfort zone are actually good. Rather than something to shy away from.

If you want to explore the possibilities available to You through growing in new ways, I’d love to talk with you about it.

Close Up Radio Interviews

I am so excited about sharing Biofield Tuning with the world, that I said Yes to an invitation to be on BlogTalkRadio. Then I agreed to a follow up interview, after the first one was well received.

Both interviews were with celebrity host Jim Masters. January 5 and 12.

Here is a link to the January 5 Close Up Radio show.

Here is a link to today’s January 12 Close Up Radio show.

What fun!

Create your Life With Intention

Do you want to build your business and your success with passion and purpose?

If you are ready to be more conscious and intentional in how you create your life, consider joining the Mastermind Group that Teresa Walkerley and I are starting.

Teresa is my inspiring and supportive new friend, coach, and co-creator. With Teresa in my life, I am making new things happen. It’s fabulous.

If you want support in activating your passion and your purpose, consider joining our Mastermind group. We would love to play and create with you.

Contact Teresa for more information.

I am also happy to share my experience with you. Feel free to contact me.

Appointments, Complimentary Consultations

To schedule appointments, or to request a complimentary consultation to see how my services would benefit you, please contact me.

It is a pleasure serving and supporting you.

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