Release Trauma & Pain

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Have you ever had pain and felt hopeless about being able to do anything about it?

As a massage therapist, it is very common for me to see people struggle with loss of hope, when they are dealing with persistent pain, injury, or any other health issue. They can also feel powerless to be able to positively impact their situation.

Have you ever felt hopeless or powerless?

I’ve experienced my own version of this hopelessness, as I have chronic neck and back issues. So I can relate to how you may feel. However, I have always had practitioners to help me, so I have never felt powerless.

Take back your power! Feeling hopeful about your ability to heal and recover makes a transformative difference. I believe that true healing is actually not possible without both hope and belief.

Helping you see that improvement is possible is an invaluable part of the service I provide as a massage therapist and a Biofield Tuning practitioner. Every small positive change contributes to your building up of hope. I love that Biofield Tuning contributes to these positive changes, and to building hope.

My story this week. I had a dramatic demonstration of how emotional trauma results in symptoms. When I become aware of this and release the trauma, the symptom evaporated — Poof!

I am taking a break from the Healthy Actions for Daily Life series. Keep up with building the consistency of your daily habits, knowing that you are making yourself more happy, healthy, and successful, one day at a time. I will talk more about Healthy Actions for Daily Life next week.

Something happened in one of my relationships that taught me several lessons. I was conversing with a friend, when she started blasting out political, mean things. Fortunately, it wasn’t directed at me, but being on the receiving end was still awful. I left the conversation feeling traumatized.

Today’s blog video talks about the pain that resulted from this trauma, and how I got the pain to dissolve away.

This kind of relief of symptoms could happen for you too!

Before I get to today’s blog video, two interviews I did about Biofield Tuning were released this week!

Video Interviews

What I am doing with Biofield Tuning is drawing attention. People are offering to promote for me, which is wonderful! And I am doing a flurry of interviews.

Two interviews about Biofield Tuning released this week, and one is coming in November. Then I am being interviewed on Close Up Talk Radio in January!

Rather than featuring one video this week and one next week, I decided for both. So you can choose what to watch.

The first is with Elena Angel. If you are interested in a complimentary discovery call, contact Elena.

The second is the Understanding Human Design Podcast with Karen Parker, my teacher and mentor.

Both interviews talk about Creating the Future, my Biofield Tuning Group Session series that starts on October 31. Click here for information.


Here is my blog video for this week. Breathe.

Release Trauma & Pain

After the video, I talk about Creating the Future and ways that you can benefit from Biofield Tuning.


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