Are Your Relationships Treasures?

Add Richness & Depth to the Quality of Your Relationships. For Both Partnered & Singles. Practical Tips. 6 minutes

Relationship Quality ➭➭➭ Life Quality

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn

Whether you are Married, otherwise Partnered, or Single, relationships powerfully impact your existence.

Intimate partners, family, friends, work and business connections. All relationships matter!

Improving your relationships naturally elevates You!

Plus Everyone Feels Happier and More Satisfied, and Becomes Healthier and More Effective!


Are Your Relationships Treasures?Sandra Lee0:41 5:44

You Create Them!

Add Richness & Depth

With Valentine’s Day, enhancing the quality of your relationships is the focus of this video blog and of the Solar Year Series of the Healthy Action Quick Tips podcast.

Every February, the Sun travels through Human Design Gates that are particularly relevant to relationships.

I recommend listening well before Valentine’s Day, to derive the greatest benefit in your Relationships. This is particularly relevant from February 12-17.

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