The Power of Focus – Where is Yours?

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Your Thoughts Matter – How Healing Happens


Are your thoughts primarily positive? Or do they tend to slide into negativity? Are you focusing on what you DO want? Or on what you DON’T want?SUBSCRIBE, FREE GIFTS

Long ago I learned that running obsessive mind loops of negative thoughts could only attract negative consequences. So I learned to monitor my thoughts and emotional states, choosing more positive ways to look at my circumstances whenever possible.


If you’re reading this blog, you probably agree with me that everything is energy. Here are some natural next steps in this chain of logic.

  • Your Thoughts and Emotions have Creative power. Saying this another way . . .
  • You create through the combined power of your thoughts and your emotions.
  • You Can Change Anything and Everything!

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this when they are mired in the mass of their habitually negative thoughts.

Do You Believe that you can create what you want?

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the importance of belief in your ability to create what you want. If you want to read it, go here.

Today’s post looks at what I have experienced happening with energy as what my mind focuses on changes. In previous posts, I referred to revelations that I have received about how healing happens. Today I tell you about one of these revelations.


Before sharing the revelation, here is some background about my perceptive system.

I ‘see’ energy. Though I really wish that seeing colors and auras were part of my experience, it is not. My way of ‘seeing’ is not visual like seeing my hand in front of me, although some aspects are visual. Think about something that you are familiar with – your mother, kitchen, or childhood home. Does an image come to mind? The visual aspect of my ‘seeing’ is an image like this.

Several elements merge to provide a sense of what I am ‘seeing’.

  • There is an image.
  • I just know. One way of describing this is having a gut feeling, a certainty or understanding with no obvious outer cause.
  • I sense one or more emotional states.
  • I may ‘hear’ words.
  • I sense aspects of the energetic quality.
    • How and where it is blocked.
    • How and where it is moving.
    • I get senses of other qualities, including urgency, intensity, size, color, texture, density, etc.

This mostly occurs when I am working with people. I ‘see’ energy blocks, and the movement and flow of energy through and around people’s bodies.

The day I received this revelation about energy, I was doing The Healing Codes and observed what happened with the energy.

What’s the Energy Doing?


The realizations I’m sharing came while I was doing The Healing Codes. This technique involves pointing my fingertips at specific locations on the head and neck, and sending healing into those centers. While doing this, I focus on how I want to feel about my issue. I’ve been healing emotional and physical issues associated with my back, so I focus on my desired emotional experience around my back. (Actually doing The Healing Codes is more involved, but this explanation suffices for now.)


I was doing The Healing Codes with my hands positioned roughly as shown in the first image below. I realized that my thoughts had wandered onto my day’s tasks, and I returned to focusing on healing.

Immediately I Saw the energy switch to flowing into the Temples healing center.

Wandering Mind & Random Energy
Wandering Mind & Random Energy

When my thoughts wander, the energy’s movement is disorganized and incoherent. It goes everywhere.

Focus & Directed Energy
Focus & Directed Energy

Whether focused or wandering, my thoughts direct the flow of energy as reliably as does flipping a light switch.

Another aspect of The Healing Codes is directing healing to numerous positive energetic states: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Trust, Humility and Self-Control.

My personal experiments demonstrate that each specific emotion uniquely shapes the energy. The experiences of Love and Gratitude have similarities, yet energetically they look different. Isn’t that cool!

The energies of love, joy and gratitude are expansive, each in their own way. The energy of fear is drawn in and agitated. The energy of worry collapses inward.

Every thought and emotion shapes the energy.


Whenever you focus on somethingyou send energy to it. When I think about my husband, energy flows from me to him. I think about dinner. Energy flows from me into the kitchen, the oven, and finally the chicken and vegetables, energizing our meal.

You increase the energy of whatever you think about.

This energizing influence is independent of space and time. My mother is hundreds of miles from where I live. I think about her and an image comes to mind. I see a blossoming of energy within her image. When I think about myself as a child, an image of my young self appears, and I send love to myself.

Now let’s recall the first paragraph of this blog post.


Are your thoughts primarily positive? Or do they tend to slide into negativity? Are you focusing on what you DO want? Or on what you DON’T want?

Do you have a new perspective on the consequences of your thoughts?


Anytime you focus on something, whether positive or negative, you increase its energy. This is the essence of the Law of Attraction.

Be aware. Whatever you think and feel strongly about, you attract more of into your experience. Your attention feeds its energy.

If there is something that you DO want to create, think about it! Feel wonderful emotions about the things you want more of.

You create with your thoughts.

Do you obsessively think and feel about things that you do NOT want? Do you worry? Are you afraid? Angry? Frustrated? Upset?

Whenever possible, find a way to focus your mind, emotions, and intentions on something more positive. Choose to think about what you DO want, rather than what you DON’T want.


This all applies to healing. If you catch yourself dwelling in worry and fear about your health, choose another focus for your thoughts.


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