Look For Opportunity Instead of Danger!


Everyone is talking about the coronavirus epidemic — governments, media, and people around you. The media is particularly inflammatory, whipping everyone up into a frenzy of fear.

This can be paralyzing. It was for me. I will share more about this experience in my blog next week.

For today, let’s talk about your ability to Choose how to respond to events in the world.

Choosing between fear and positive feelings requires effort. Allow yourself to be tossed around by public chaos. Or… intentionally choose where to put both your attention and your emotional state.

I tell you, it is worth the effort! For your health and happiness! More about health impacts next week.

Choose an opportunity perspective and help yourself!

Today’s video/audio blog explores this. And it creates a Positive Opportunity for You.

I suggest a way that you can actually help both yourself and other people, as you choose to see opportunities where others see danger.

Are You Looking for Danger? Or Opportunity

You can Choose how to respond to world circumstances. 9 minutes

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