Attract Opportunities to Contribute, Pt.2 HD

How do you contribute?

Whether or not you ‘work’, everyone wants to make a difference. This is something that so many people struggle with.

The 2020 International Human Design Conference weekend has just completed. Wow. Seriously powerful teachings and sharing about how we each make a transformative difference in the world.

Each and every person offers special and valuable gifts.

Last week, in Part 1 of this Attract Opportunities to Contribute mini series, I talked about how to identify ways that you make a difference. And I introduced an aspect of attraction from a Human Design perspective.

If you have not yet watched last week’s video, I recommend doing that first. Then coming back here for Part 2.

Today, we have Attract Opportunities to Contribute, Part 2. I go more deeply into attraction from a Human Design chart perspective. And I talk about Fractals.

(Months ago, someone appreciated an article that I wrote about fractals in 2013. This planted a mental seed. And voilá, today I talk about fractals. Click here to read the 2013 article.)

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