I do The Healing Codes for myself, and I have been a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner for almost two years. Healing Codes coaching is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling things that I do, making a tremendous difference in the lives of many people. Here is my Healing Codes story.

Just Enjoying the Ride

Two weeks into doing The Codes, I was driving to my parents’ house, which takes an hour. Suddenly, I realized that I wasn’t speeding. I wasn’t problem solving or making mental to-do lists. I was just enjoying the ride. This caught my attention, because it rarely happens.

A bit later, I was writing to a friend about The Healing Codes. I’m not quite sure why, but I mentally said to myself, “I’m bad.” I’ll explain the significance of that statement in a moment. Immediately, my head said, “That’s not true.” Now THAT had never happened before. Let me explain why that was such a monumental event, one that I will always remember.

For about ten years, I had been doing personal growth work. Along the way, I had learned about the concept of the ‘story.’ My story was “I’m bad.” Anytime I was unhappy or something was bothering me, if I identified the fear or belief that was at the bottom of it all, ultimately it always got to a version of “I’m bad.” I realized that everything that I ever thought, felt, or did was built on top of this ‘story.’

On a conscious and logical level, I knew that the story was not true. But from deep down inside myself emotionally, it was definitely running the show of my life.

Through counseling, workshops, and persistence, I learned to ‘manage’ this story. Something would bother me, and I would realize that ultimately this was really just “I’m bad” in disguise. Then I would consciously tell myself, “That’s not true.”

Now back to the Healing Codes. When I said, “I’m bad,” and my mind said, “That’s not true,” it grabbed my attention. It was not a conscious thought process. “I’m bad” was so not true that my mind would not let me say it. To test this, I said “I’m bad” repeatedly, always with the same result. It reached a point where my mind was laughing at me saying, “Give it up. It’s not true!”

This story is no longer entrenched within my emotional self as the Truth. Now if I test it by repeating the old story, my mind always laughs, because the old story is ridiculous to even consider as an option.

The Healing Codes work.

My Pain Was Gone

I experienced a dramatic physical shift with doing The Healing Codes at the Heart Transformation Program. At this workshop, participants do The Healing Codes using a special technique called the Q Codes. Before my three flights to get to the workshop, I saw the chiropractor because my back and neck were bothering me. After I arrived, my back and neck were bothering me. Then I sat for three days in the workshop, followed by three flights to get home. When I woke up at home the next morning, I realized that all of my back and neck discomforts were completely gone. No pain, stiffness, or tightness. I was amazed. And I hadn’t even focused doing The Codes on my back or neck.

What Keeps Me Doing The Healing Codes?

It continues to work. That’s it, plain and simple. I intend to do The Codes for the rest of my life. Overall, I am more happy, peaceful, and calm. Daily stuff bothers me less, and when it does, the intensity of my upset is lower and the duration is short. I love my life.

Just yesterday, I was emotionally and physically exhausted, following a ‘hard day at work’. I was ready to go to bed early, which I just don’t do. I did The Healing Codes (and a Q2 Energy Spa foot bath), and felt energetically recharged. Emotionally I was back to being peaceful and happy. Then, instead of going to bed, I washed the dishes, and started and completed a moderately sized project.


Some Healing Codes clients are disappointed because they expect instant results. It takes time, and you have to DO The Healing Codes. It helps a lot if you actually DO the emotional work on yourself and on your personal issues. It all fits into how you do the Codes. But I believe that nothing can miraculously heal you without your doing the emotional work.

More Information About The Healing Codes

If you are interested in trying The Healing Codes, please contact me. 

It is possible to purchase the package directly from the company through the following link on my website. And if you decide to have me get it for you, a slightly different package and price will be available for you.

Here is a link to my website, where you can read more about The Healing Codes.

If you choose to purchase The Healing Codes, I will be your coach for Custom Codes, Codes that are created specifically for you.

If you have questions and would like to talk with me, please e-mail me. 

To Vibrant Health!


Sandra Lynn Lee

Certified Healing Codes Practitioner

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