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Water Batteries in Your Body & How Healing Happens

This blog is less than 5 minutes long. Enjoy!

July’s video blog introduced you to the concept of the Fourth Phase of Water and Water Batteries.

Today I show you one tremendous and miraculous implication of water batteries for health.

How does water get to the tops of trees, and through all of your body’s capillaries?

The Fourth Phase of Water might have something to do with it.

California’s Redwoods


I share about redwood trees in the video. Here are extra pics from my recent vacation.

Get close to a redwood for a sense of its height.
Get close to a redwood for a sense of its height.

Being with the coast redwoods provided a feeling of peacefulness, and a long term perspective on time, compared with modern society’s never-having-enough-time and continually-rushing-around approach to life.

Understory plants in the midst of giants
Understory plants in the midst of giants
Live-giving Light.
Live-giving Light.
Now THESE are trees!
Now THESE are trees!

Water Battery Theory

As mentioned in July, this concept of water batteries is based on the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack, as described in his book The Fourth Phase of Water.

To be clear, this is all Theory. In the lab, Pollack’s group at the University of Washington experimentally studies the fourth phase, which they call the Exclusion Zone.

This basic experiment cannot absolutely prove that this is what happens in actual living plants or animals. Living organisms are far more complex than can be accurately reflected by a simple experiment.

Actual proof of HOW living organisms work is very difficult to obtain. Science understands very little of what makes life happen. What scientists have is a lot of theories.

The fourth phase of water or the Exclusion Zone (EZ) theory sure makes a lot of sense. I encourage you to read Dr. Pollack’s book, The Fourth Phase of Water.

This theory makes sense of numerous qualities displayed by water which science was unable to explain with previously accepted theories about water. Science has called these inconsistencies ‘exceptions.’ This does not make sense. If there is an exception, then the theory is not accurate, and it’s time to develop another theory. Voila! We have a new theory to make sense of the ‘exceptions.’

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