Isolation & Loneliness

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There is craziness and rioting. The stress is over the top. This all started after I had this blog recorded and planned. So I am inserting thoughts about it.


May we all learn to LOVE each other! At least acknowledge each other’s right to live and to have our basic needs satisfied.



In addition to the insane social stresses that are flaring, the continuation of Social Distancing is taking a toll.

Human beings are inherently social creatures. Biologically, when we were tribal peoples, survival was completely dependent on being connected to our community.

The current social unrest can be seen as a manifestation of our tribal nature. It’s rather an unbalanced manifestation. But people are out there attempting to express their needs. My hope is that we will all be able to hear each other’s stories, and recognize and appreciate each other’s needs.

Back to discussing Social Distancing, …

Compared with our times as tribal hunter-gathering peoples, … We are no longer quite as physically dependent on our connections with other people. Now we are capable of surviving alone. But isolation remains stressful and impacts health and our ability to function. Ultimately, isolation probably does reduce longevity.

Separating ourselves from friends, family, workmates, and the general flow of humanity through our lives does not come naturally.

Isolation & Loneliness

From Chaos & Stress to Grounding & Calm

One of my April posts helps you shift out of stress and get grounded.

An audio of the 4 minute grounding process from the blog is available separately.

A friend said she loves this short grounding audio. As soon as she hears the sound of the tuning forks, she feels grounded! I call that Awesome!!

Whether or not you ever experience a full Biofield Tuning session, you can help yourself get grounded by listening to this 4 minute recording.

Here is a link to the blog, where you can download the recording.

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