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Do you remember your childhood? Are your memories pleasant? Or difficult? If you are like most people, your memories are likely to be a complex mingling of positive and negative.

As children, we develop patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that shape all aspects of our future. For the first six years, we are sponges, soaking up everything that occurs around us. Even before birth, we take in the energy, emotions, and behavior of our parents. Shaped by this input, we learn what it takes to survive.

Human Design

Human Design provides understanding of the uniquely personal gifts, challenges, and needs that each individual is likely to experience.

Many people are designed to have a strong need for attention and recognition. When this need is not satisfied, attention-seeking behavior will result. In both children and adults! Can you recall a time when you saw – and heard – a child seeking attention in a disruptive way? Parents who understand about their child’s need for attention are able to proactively provide appropriate attention, significantly reducing the incidence of misbehavior.

Another common family experience is power struggles. What if a parent understands that their child is designed to have challenges with power? They can then utilize practices and skills to support an appropriate experience of power for the child.

Human Design describes several energies that are important for each individual’s experience of life. Depending on how they play out within the family experience, these energies can result in difficulties.

My Childhood & Life School

Looking through the lens of Human Design makes so much sense of my lifetime of challenges and struggles! Perfectionism and needing to be right, needing to be in control, being sensitive to criticism and rejection, forever trying to fit in and be liked, . . . It’s all in the chart. (Lest it all appear to be ‘negative’ in focus, I mention now that everything has the potential for both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ expression. I wrote about dualities in an earlier post. Some of ‘positive’ themes in my chart are perfectionism, sensitivity, intuition, ‘database brain’, . . .)

When I realized this, my lifelong compulsion towards harshly judging myself for my thoughts, emotions, and actions lost its intensity. “I am this way, because I’m supposed to be this way!” Noone did anything ‘wrong.’ What a relief that is.

Working through conundrums, difficulties, and struggles is part of life’s curriculum. With nothing to nudge me to learn and grow, what would be the point? In my experience, every person gets a bit ‘twisted up’ as a result of their early life. There may be exceptions out there, but I’ve not met them.

Some people have difficult life experiences, from birth onwards. (The propensity for this is likely to be in the individual’s Human Design chart. For example, some people are designed to experience a theme of ‘struggle’ throughout life.) I consider myself fortunate to have had a relatively easy childhood. We had everything we needed, and everyone in the family was physically healthy and emotionally ‘normal.’ (In my opinion, there is no such thing as a true ‘normal.’) We had our issues, but there were no major hurdles to overcome, no huge life-altering traumatic experiences, no addictions. Thank God for that! To tell the truth, I had advantages and benefits that many other people never experience. Overall, my childhood and how I was parented were significantly ‘better’ than ‘normal.’

I grew up to be essentially ‘normal.’ Yet, I was unhappy. Years of therapeutic work certainly helped. However, the understanding provided by Human Design of how I am Designed makes all the difference. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME! I am significantly more peaceful with myself than ever before. Understanding my design also enables me to be more intentional and targeted in my ongoing growth.

Education for Parents & Raising Resilient Children

Given the influence that parents have upon who we will become, what training do they receive to prepare for the responsibility of raising children? It would be wonderful if a vast body of wisdom were universally bestowed upon parents-to-be prior to the birth of their first child. Particularly if it included an understanding of Human Design. What a different world! I certainly would have been a ‘better,’ happier, and more satisfied parent had I received such training.

I have learned a ‘new’ approach to parenting. My perspective on my own childhood, and my way of being as a parent have transformed.

If you are interested in this revolutionary way of parenting, read the post below this one. I share about family coaching, parenting workshops, and Human Design readings for families.

Human Design Readings

If you are interested in learning about your Human Design, I encourage you to schedule a reading. If you would like greater understanding about children, spouses, parents, or friends, reading their charts can help you relate with them more effectively and joyfully.

For details about readings, go here. For more information about Human Design, I have several blog postings. I designate them with HD at the end of the name, if it’s not written out. Here is a link to the first posting.

Human Design Charts Are Free!

Request Your Free Chart

Please send the following information to me at . I will send your chart by e-mail, along with a basic interpretation document.

Name, Birth date, Birth time (as accurately as you know it), Birth location, e-mail address

(Your information remains confidential, and I do not keep it on the Internet. Requesting a free chart places you under no obligation to have a reading.)

You may also request charts for other people. This can help you understand why people behave as they do, and your relationships with them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment. 

As always, you are so very much appreciated. Thank you for being there.



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