How Much Do You Want It? – How Healing Happens

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Do you have things that you want to accomplish? Things that require taking action beyond your usual daily activities?

Are you doing what it takes to make it happen?



Everyone want things. Yet in my experience, the majority of people do not do what it takes to actually obtain what they desire, or to accomplish their goals. The amount of inconvenience they are willing to tolerate, and the effort they are willing to exert are relatively low. Eventually, they may, or may not, be successful. But as the intensity of the original desire was low, the amount of satisfaction experienced upon accomplishment is likely to be low. And the degree of disappointment they feel in response to failure will be comparably low.

Have you ever wanted something so much that you were willing to do whatever was required to make it happen? When the intensity with which you desire a result is extraordinarily high, you are more likely to do whatever it takes to succeed.

This applies when it comes to healing.


For the most part, minor injuries and wounds heal automatically. Consciously wanting healing to happen is not required. Do a bit of cleaning and bandaging, then leave scrapes, cuts and bumps to tend to themselves. The body is amazingly resilient and efficient.

Minor mental and emotional insults and upsets may disturb us briefly. Then we move on, perhaps completely forgetting the wounding incident.

When it comes to any life circumstance where significant amounts of attention, effort and resources are required to produce a result, actually wanting the result does matter. This certainly applies when wounding or injuries are substantial enough to require extensive healing.


Have you experienced an injury from which your body has not completely recovered? Have pain, stiffness, and discomfort accumulated through habits of overuse? Have you accepted symptoms as inevitable consequences of aging? Do you experience the phenomenon that I call Gradually Increasing Symptoms? Where symptoms worsen over time, and new ones appear, perhaps without obvious triggering mishaps?

Have you become so accustomed to pain, stiffness, and limitation that you consider them ‘normal’?

As a bodywork practitioner for over twenty years, I’ve seen that back, neck, and shoulder pain, and headaches are considered ‘normal’ by an disturbingly large percentage of the population. Chronic symptoms of overuse abound in hands and arms. Sports injuries impact all those same areas, plus hips, knees, and feet, and shoulders and elbows.


Does it have to be this way? These dynamics occur with such frequency that they are common. But I do not think that this is truly normal. The human body is a miraculously designed self healing and regenerating organism. It is capable of astounding feats. What should be normal for our bodies is successfully healing any and all wounds. And while we are at it, enjoying healthy, active, vibrant lives until the age of 120. Death in our senior decades while hiking in the outback or sky diving should be normal, rather than wasting away in hospital beds with attending physicians and medicated saline drips.

If you accept pain, discomfort, and limitation as normal, then yes, your health will continue following this ‘common’ trajectory.

Take responsibility for your healing! Choose extraordinary over common! If you want different results, choose new actions.


Before a new experience can become possible, it is necessary for you to actively WANT that experience. Do you want to change enough that you are motivated to take new ACTION?


Sometimes what prevents progress is that the ‘problem’ does not feel big, important, or urgent enough. Particularly when you do not believe you have the ability to change the circumstances.

Back pain may be a problem, but it doesn’t feel like an emergency. So you don’t change your posture or start strengthening exercises. It doesn’t feel urgent when a doctor says you will probably need knee surgery in a year. If you don’t believe you have the ability to prevent that outcome, why would you seek to reduce your weight and the pressure on your knee?

Are you putting up with a less-than-satisfactory state, because it’s not critical enough to be urgent? In a bit, I will share about how this was precisely my own situation, and how I transitioned to a place of willingness to take action and create change.


Sometimes what it takes to raise the stakes is the threat of bigger problems and drastic consequences. The ‘C’ Word is the perfect example of an urgent stimulus that provokes people to change. A cancer diagnosis can generate such concern that it pushes people into “I’m going to do whatever it takes.” Now that is urgent. Even before diagnosis, the hint that cancer may be on the horizon can be perceived as an emergency worthy of action.

We have all heard about people who were told they have a year to live. Unwilling to accept that prognosis, they reorganize their entire lives around healing themselves. Though this does not happen in all cases, it is these do-whatever-it-takes people who make miraculous turn-arounds and live, sometimes for decades longer than the doctors predicted.

The moment when you make the decision to do whatever it takes is transformational. An entirely new range of results becomes available.


Recently, I reached a turning point. In 1986, I was in a car accident. Being young, I was not aware of lasting consequences until 1989, when back pain began. (I will record an audio telling the story.)

I have managed back and neck issues ever since. At first, I routinely reach the point where I was incapable of getting out of bed. Early in the 1990’s, I came to rely upon consistent chiropractic and massage care.

I have long been aware that the curve in my lumbar spine is worsening. I really started paying attention in 2015. Basically, I’ve put up with a mess in my lower back for around fifteen years, and avoided facing the reality of needing to change for a couple of years. I’m a massage practitioner and know what the lumbar curve ‘should’ look like. I know better.

I am infinitely grateful for chiropractic and bodywork, without which I probably would not be functional. However, keeping back pain managed enabled me to remain complacent about the deteriorating physical structures.

Seven months ago my “I have to do whatever it takes” moment came. What I had been doing was insufficient.

I started doing energetic healing practices that have long been in my toolbox, The Healing Codes and The Body Code. As soon as I became consistent with self healing, the Belief in my ability to heal changed. (Last month’s blog post was about Belief.)

Just over a month ago, I incorporated newly created visualizing and energizing processes into my daily self healing regimen. This is when things shifted.

I absolutely believe that I am changing the physical structures of my back.


How much do you want change to happen? Do you believe that healing is possible for you? Is it time for you to shift into a “Do Whatever It Takes” approach to your physical issues?


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