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With all of the not-so-great things that have been going on in the world, sometimes it can be difficult to have a hopeful outlook on the future of humanity. In addition to the financial crises and the natural disasters, we have the occasional person going wild with guns in public places. The insistence on the part of some governments that war is a necessity has never made sense to me.

Of course, we are in the last days prior to the long awaited December 2012 end of the Mayan Calendar. Noone really knows what will transpire, but many people believe the 21st will pass without major drama.

We are already well into the transition period, and ultimately everyone and everything is evolving positively.

My conscious intention has been to Choose to look at life through a hopeful lens. To believe in a hopeful picture of the future. One where the world and all of its peoples experience love, and are loving towards each other.

This morning I realized that I quite actively hold this as an intention. At the same time, I’ve got conscious conflict going on. Because on some level, I haven’t really believed in this existence as a true possibility. Deep inside, I remained pessimistic about humanity’s ability to care for its members. Each time I consciously chose a positive perspective, I was spreading a fresh layer of icing onto a long rotten cake.

Then into my life came Human Design . . . The Design of Humanity

This morning I realized that learning Human Design has profoundly altered my belief about what is possible for humanity.

Let’s talk a bit about the Human Design body graph. To give you something to look at while I explain, here is my Body Graph. It’s small, because you don’t really need to see the details for this discussion.


Each of the shapes, colored or white, is a Center which represents an aspect of who we are as individuals. Each of the lines connecting the Centers is called a Channel. Each Channel is made up of two Gates. Each Gate represents an aspect of who we are as individuals.

Which Gates, Channels, and Centers are colored in the Body Graph is determined by the positions of the Planets at the time that the individual is born. The areas that are colored are called Defined.

There you go. The basics of Human Design in a few sentences. Comprehending more than this is not necessary for the purposes of the current discussion.

(If you want more depth of understanding, I encourage you to finish reading this blog posting, then go to my website.)

An infinite range of possibilities is available for each of us as human beings, all of which can be displayed in the Body Graph. I continue to be astounded by how much can be drawn from these seemingly simple ‘triangles’.


Each of these aspects of humanity are experienced as Dualities. We either ARE that way, or we ARE NOT that way. It may be an issue in our lives, or it may be completely NOT an issue for us. Our expression of that energy may also change a) over time, b) with our circumstances, and c) depending on the people with whom we interact. We all experience all of the energies. And the aspects that are Defined (colored) in our personal charts are likely to be significant in our experience.

Let’s use as examples some of the Defined energies from my own chart.

Struggle. We may experience struggle in some areas of life and not in others. Health, relationships, $$$. Some people truly do not have much experience of Struggle during the course of their lives. It is likely that they do not have the gate for Struggle defined. This energy is also about knowing what is worth struggling for.

Aloneness. We may feel lonely and want to be with people. Yet when we are with people, we may still feel alone, or we may wish we were alone. There can be a real push-me-pull-you dynamic with this energy.

Communication. Depending on whether or not this Center is Defined, and what else is defined in a person’s chart, they may feel like they are not heard. Sometimes it may be easy for them to communicate, at other times it may be difficult.

Joy of Life. Some people consciously experience this, and for other people the experience of joy in life is mostly absent.

Truth and Integrity. One thing I have learned about myself through Human Design is that truth and integrity are central to my life. Understanding this has profoundly altered my experience of myself, and my sense of direction in life. On a general level, when an individual has this energy defined, it can be expressed either as truth and integrity, or as lying and the absence of integrity. As with all of the energies in the chart, the expression of this may fluctuate.

According to Human Design, the Body Graph is the blueprint for humanity. It has nine Centers, 64 Gates, and 35 or 36 Channels. That’s a lot of energies with infinite possibilities for combinations.

Which Energies are Present & Which are Absent?

The energy for hatred and suffering are absent from the Body Graph. So they are not inherent aspects of being human. The possibility for the experience of Love is in each and every place in the Body Graph.

That says something significant about who we are, doesn’t it?

War, Violence, & Power

What about war and violence? These energies are present associated with the protection, feeding, and survival of the family and of the tribal community. So going to war in order to obtain food (or to protect your food supplies) is in the chart. Fighting to protect your women and children is in the chart.

Power is in the chart, as in the power to get things done, and to bring people together to cooperatively get things done.

These energies are very important to our survival as a species. Which makes sense.

However, power, war, and violence as we have come to experience them in our wider ‘modern’ culture . . . these are absent from the chart. Power, war, and violence for money and for the sake of power itself, these are not in the chart. This is what the Human Design teachings that I follow have to say about the extraordinarily distorted expressions of these energies that have overcome our culture in recent decades.

The distorted expressions of power, war, and violence that our society is experiencing are OFF THE CHART. In other words, these expressions are not consistent with the design of humanity. They are distortions of the natural expressions of these energies that are part of our design. We are not designed to express power, war, and violence in these distorted ways.

Hope for Humanity

This is what has altered my manner of looking at our future. The fact that the aspects of our social and world experience that I find so objectionable are actually NOT part of the truth of who we are. Whew. There is hope for us after all. We’ve just been Off The Chart. So all we have to do is get back onto the Chart, get back on track as a tribe.

Recall our discussion of the aspects of the chart as dualities.

Each of us on the planet can live out each of these energies in ways that are difficult, or in ways where we experience their gifts. We can resist who we are, or we can live fully into the expression of who we are as a contribution to the world.

Evolution of the Body Graph

According to my Human Design teacher, many of the struggle- and survival-based energies are gradually disappearing.

Our decision making processes are evolving away from fear and survival as determining forces. How we FEEL is becoming more important in our decisions. The teachings of many of today’s popular cultural and spiritual role models reflect these evolutionary shifts.

What’s the ‘Truth’?

Noone can say what is actually ‘True’ when it comes to who we are. I certainly cannot. So perhaps none of this means anything.

Personally, I have found Human Design to be extraordinarily accurate in describing people and their ways of being. I know that many people agree.

Looking at myself and at others in this way is certainly much more empowering to me than the alternative.

What Empowers You?

Ultimately, you get to decide for yourself. What works for you? What empowers you to move forward in life and make a contribution? Coincidentally, . . . That’s the topic for my next short post, which you will find immediately below this one.

Human Design charts are free!

Visit my website for details. You can also go to my first posting about Human Design. There are others as well, if you want to explore. I designate them with HD at the end of the posting name, if it’s not written out.

Hope & Love for Humanity!



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