Will Power & Decision Fatigue

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Anytime I tell myself that I ‘should’ do something, I’m trying to change my behavior. I am also very aware of my past experience with these ‘promises’ to Self. To be honest with you, sometimes I successfully incorporate new habits, and other times I do not.

If you’re reading this, then I think perhaps you’re like me.

For the past several weeks, this Healthy Actions for Daily Life series has been talking about this, how you can incorporate consistent habits into your life, so you can be happy, healthy, and more successful.

Today’s video talks about Will Power and Decision Fatigue.

Earlier this year, as part of a coaching program, I took on numerous significant goals. Coaching was helpful, and I continue working with Alan and Louisa. (If you are interested in contacting them, there is a contact link below the video, just above Stay Tuned.)

However, I pushed myself in too many areas. I felt like the guy in the picture. I was overwhelmed, and felt like more of a failure than a success. Though I was actually accomplishing a lot, it wasn’t what I was expecting of myself.

I modified my goals, making them more achievable for me. Some people simultaneously work towards numerous substantial goals, but attempting that set me up to struggle.

I had overwhelmed my capacity for will power and making effective decisions.

Will Power & Decision Fatigue

This Healthy Actions for Daily Life series talks about ways to support your success in health, happiness, relationships, work and business by incorporating consistent actions into your daily life.

Today’s video talks about the limited capacity you have to push yourself and to make decisions during any given day. Will Power and Decision Fatigue is a significant discussion, so the video is longer. But I think it is worth your time. If you want to skip the beginning review, go to 2:50.

If you have not seen the previous videos in this series, I recommend watching them first. Today’s content builds on that discussion, and the supportive actions that you prioritized. Here’s a link to a good place to start. What’s On Your To-Do List? Links to follow along are below each video.

Here is one important point that I want to repeat. Celebrate every success, no matter how small. And do not ‘beat yourself up’ over any perceived failures.

After the video, I talk about Creating the Future and ways that you can benefit from Biofield Tuning.

If you have specific questions or struggles that you want me to address, please let me know.


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