Free Yourself From Paralyzing Stres

Stress leads to symptoms Woman with headache hold her head

In these crazy coronavirus times, fear, anxiety and stress are everywhere.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, Look for Opportunity Instead of Danger, where you focus your thoughts and emotions makes all the difference. You can come from an Opportunity perspective, and even help other people make a positive shift in their mindset.

Next week, please look for a new series. Your Health ‘On’ Stress & What You Can Do. Each episode will look at one of the many ways that stress impacts health. And offer simple, practical actions to help yourself and the people around you. Stay tuned …

Today I share recent personal experiences with what I call, …

Paralyzing Stress

I was experiencing big coronavirus-related stress. I saw benefits immediately upon cutting way back on consuming fear-inducing content.

Free yourself from the Stress! I share about my experience with Paralyzing Stress, and letting go of it. 5+ minutes

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