What is a Fractal in Human Design?

Do you always attract the same sorts of people? It is natural for us to associate with people who have interests that we share.

If you look at your sphere of influence and your acquaintances, you may see consistent themes that are not really associated with your work or other interests. In Human Design, the term fractal refers to something different than it does in mathematics and science. If you attract people into your life who have certain energetic qualities, we say that this is part of your fractal. Fractals can be short term, long term, and life long. An example will illustrate this for you.

A Fractal in My Experience

A few days ago, I had a Human Design booth at a Health Fair. I did forty-three mini readings. (That’s a lot of interaction and conversation for me in one day!) As I approached the end of the day, I realized that I had spoken with an unusually large number of people with the following two channels: 43/23 and 57/34. I’ll share more about the channels in a bit.

So that day, I had a fractal for people with the 43/23 and for people with the 57/34. I don’t know if anyone I spoke with had both channels.

On an energetic, auric level this means that I was attracting people into my experience who have these energies defined in their Human Design charts.

There are factors that have a greater influence on attraction, but those are topics for another day.

I just realized that I haven’t yet written about two important attraction topics: electromagnetics and family dynamics. There’s so much to share!

Something to Learn

The School of Relationships is where we do most of our learning and growing. Fractals bring people with energetic and behavioral qualities that trigger opportunities for understanding ourselves, relationships, and life.

Are you surrounded by argumentative or difficult people? Are you a magnet for people who seem to talk non-stop? What about people who are always coming up with new business ideas?

These could be fractals for you. Bringing you understanding and skills through those relationships.

As a bodywork practitioner, frequently my clients have relationship themes that run throughout their entire life experience. Over and over again, they attract people who push them to learn their big lessons. These are fractals.

Not all fractals feel like ‘problems’. You can have fractals associated with activities you enjoy, educational or spiritual interest, work, social groups. The possibilities are infinite. Short term fractals, like mine at the Health Fair, provide opportunities to develop increased understanding of particular aspects of life. Some fractals last for a while, then end. What fun!

Individual Circuitry in Human Design

Let’s talk about the 43/23 and the 57/34. These are both channels in Individual Circuitry. People who have a lot of Individual Circuitry are designed to be different. If you feel like you don’t really fit into the group, and that your thoughts and ideas are different, you may have a lot of Individual Circuitry. These channels are auditory, meaning a lot of how these people process information is through sound.

.One of the names for the first channel is a bit dramatic, but quite accurately descriptive. If you have this channel defined in your chart, please don’t take the name personally.


43/23 Channel of Freak to Genius. People with this channel defined tend to have ideas that are different. Their ideas have the potential to change the world. Thus Genius. Without new ideas and new ways to do things, society might stagnate. So we need the 43/23.

What happens when a person who has a completely new idea about how to do something just starts telling everyone else what to do? People resist, right? When the 43/23 just spouts out revolutionary ideas, they may occur to everyone else as a freak. Thus we call the 43/23 the Freak to Genius channel.

The 43/23 individual is particularly prone to just sharing their thoughts, frequently leading to less-than-satisfying responses from other people. All their ideas are eager to be expressed through the Defined Throat Center.

Wait to Be Asked for Your Wisdom

According to Human Design, everyone is designed to be asked for their wisdom. This is true for everyone, whichever of the five Human Design Types they are. Life works most smoothly for all of us, 43/23 individuals included, when we wait to be asked for our thoughts – as ideas, thoughts, wisdom, input, suggestions, feedback, . . .

The 43/23 is an auditory channel. This individual may hear voices, hear their thoughts and ideas. They may be so focused on the thoughts in their heads that they don’t hear when other people are talking to them. If you want the attention of someone who has the 43/23 defined, it can be helpful to gently touch them before speaking.

As with all energies in Human Design, these are likely to be themes for you if the 43/23 is defined in your chart. This means that you may feel like you ARE this way, or possibly that you definitely ARE NOT this way. You may experience these aspects in positive ways, or in not-so-positive ways.


57/34 Channel of Power. This channel is more complicated to describe on the chart. Start at the top left corner of the Sacral Center, the red square. Go up, and to take a right angle turn down to the Spleen Center, the brown triangle on the left side of the chart.

There is power in the ability of the 57/34 to perfect sound. This is the most auditory of all the channels. These people may work with sound, with music. They may be particularly sensitive to pleasant, or to harsh, annoying or out-of-tune sounds. This is the channel for clairaudience, intuitive perception through sound, including voices.

As with all energies in Human Design, these are likely to be themes for you if the 57/34 is defined in your chart. This means that you  may feel like you ARE this way, or possibly that you definitely ARE NOT this way. You may experience these aspects in positive ways, or in not-so-positive ways.

My day of the 43/23 and 57/34 Fractal

What had me notice the prominence of these two channels while at the Health Fair? The 43/23 is somewhat common to see defined in charts. In readings, I talk with clients about this channel relatively frequently. The 57/34 is significantly more rare. When I see it in a chart, I pretty much always ask the person if they are sensitive to sound. By day’s end, I realized that I had seen an unusually large number of 57/34’s. Then I noticed that there had also been a lot of 43/23’s.

When I thought about it, I recognized that Individual Circuitry people who have these life themes are likely to be interested in health fairs. They are likely to be creative, perhaps artistic, perhaps into healing arts. They could be either exhibitors or visitors at such events. And they might be attracted to Human Design, which is a bit outside the norm. So it made sense.

I had a booth at the same health fair in February, and was not aware of the presence of this fractal that day. So it was a single-day occurrence.

I enjoyed exploring it. It was particularly interesting to hear about the varied ways that sound is important to people who have the 57/34.

Have Fun with Your Fractal!

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Have Fun with Your Fractal!



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