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You’ve heard the expression, “What you focus on expands.” This is classic Law of Attraction.

Lately, I’ve focused on Life Purpose and the dynamics of how people energetically express their Purpose. This focus draws to me a fascinating stream of insights.

In this blog, I spoken about Human Design quite a bit. Every aspect of the chart tells you about life purpose as it manifests through your experiences and opportunities.

This week’s video talks about what I see while doing Biofield Tuning for individuals and their businesses. I see Life Purpose in action. I see energetically what motivates people and their businesses.

9+ minutes

I mentioned Teresa Walkerley in the video. She is my inspiring and supportive new friend, coach, and co-creator. With Teresa in my life, I am making new things happen. It’s fabulous.

If you want support in activating your passion and your purpose, consider joining our Mastermind group. We would love to play and create with you.

Contact Teresa for more information.

I am also happy to share my experience. Feel free to contact me.

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Sandra Lee

Licensed Massage Therapist (WA State)

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Human Design Specialist

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