Throughout this Your Health ‘On’ Stress & What You Can Do series, I have talked about the extreme stresses impacting our society and the world.

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My intention is always helping you feel empowered to help yourself, and to feel like You Make a Difference. Through consciously and intentionally thinking and feeling, and through taking small daily actions.


It is understandable feeling like we as Individuals are powerless to positively impact country-wide and global circumstances. I think many people give up, and never attempt to take action.

I, Sandra Lee feel incredibly grateful that I can do Biofield Tuning for global healing, any time! I feel empowered by this ability to DO something!

You, my Friend and blog reader CAN have a worldwide healing impact! Listen to how I want to support you in this. Please watch the Do You Want to Help Heal the World video.

Do You Want to Help Heal the World?

Biofield Tuning calms and balances the collective energy, supporting healing for us all. As I do global healing sessions, I’m impressed with the impacts. You have an opportunity to participate in these global healings! Please watch today’s video.

If you are interested in Biofield Tuning global healing sessions, please contact me.

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Sandra Lee

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Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 29 years, and is now a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist.