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Providing daily stimulation for your brain is important, so it stays healthy and functioning. Keep on learning! The ability to build nerve connections within your brain continues, right up to your final day of life.

According to a recent study, the number one condition Americans over 60 are afraid of getting is Alzheimer’s and dementia (35%). (I think this refers to a 2014 study, but the link I found does not actually take me to the study.)

Being an active learner is central to who I am. Today, I talk about learning through a lens of Human Design and Life Purpose.

I continually absorb new information. I am usually enrolled in one or more training programs, developing work-related knowledge and skills. I also participate in programs for enjoyment and personal growth.

I listen to endless recorded volumes, building upon my mental reference ‘library’. I listen to interviews with experts about food and health, business, and politics and world issues. I listen to audio books, and read physical books. In response to people’s questions, needs, or circumstances, I draw upon this knowledge store to provide practical, useful information.

Here is an amusing story. Years ago, I was in a training program. I told my husband, “This is the last thing I am going to take.” I genuinely believed that this would be the last, best modality that I would want to learn. He laughed, and didn’t believe me for a moment. He knew that I am always learning. Of course, he was right.

The things I learn can be small or sizable, practical or irrelevant, entertaining or challenging. It all provides stimulation for my brain, keeping my mental capacities stretching and adapting.

Just now, I learned something practical. It was ridiculously easy to figure out how to see what pages you, my audience visit on this website. The task has been niggling on my To-Do list for a long time, and I finally did it.

I saw that the Healthy Actions for Daily Life blog pages have relatively little traffic, at least in the past week. There was significantly more traffic for blog posts about Human Design and Fractals.

Today’s video blog talks about Learning and Human Design Life Purpose.

Daily Learnings, Life Purpose & Human Design

What are you learning? What interests and intrigues you?



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