From Chaos & Stress to Grounded & Calm

Chaos stress emotion stores in the body

Chaos & Uncertainty

The world is unquestionably different than it was even one month ago. Coronavirus/COVID-19 has brought stress, fear, and anxiety. Social distancing and business shutdowns. Restrictions and shortages.

People are stressed and overwhelmed. Suffering from a loss of human interaction and contact.

We are fundamentally social beings. Isolation is difficult, perhaps even painful.


We will get through this to a more ‘normal’ way of life, complete with social gatherings and hugs.

Move Forward, Feeling Calm, Energized, & Empowered

Today’s video/audio blog is about shifting from chaos and stress and towards a state where you can move forward, feeling calm, energized and empowered, able to think clearly and make wise decisions.

Grounding & Biofield Tuning

The Earth Star and Sun Star Grounding Process (from the end of the longer blog file) can be played here on the website. Plus, there is a separate, downloadable audio file.

Grounding for relieving stress in current times. Breathe – Life’s Inspirations Blog. 12 min

Download – Earth Star & Sun Star Grounding

You can play the Earth Star and Sun Star Grounding here on the website.

Also, you can download the audio and listen anytime you like.

Download Grounding Audio

Added a couple of weeks later: A friend said she loves the short grounding audio. As soon as she hears the sound of the tuning forks, she feels grounded!

Whether or not you ever experience a full Biofield Tuning session, you can help yourself stay grounded by listening to this 4 minute recording.

Biofield Tuning ~ Distance Sessions are Available!!

Find freedom from stress and overwhelm. Move forward feeling calm, energized, and empowered. Able to think clearly and make wise decisions.

This is what Biofield Tuning makes available.

You can stay healthy and well!!

Distance Biofield Tuning sessions are exceptionally effective. A common client experience is feeling deeply connected and being ‘seen’. This can be particularly meaningful given the relative isolation being imposed upon us.

For more information or to schedule, please contact me.


Sound from tuning forks is used to clear blocks in the energy field of the body.

Biofield Tuning works with layers of trauma that are stored in the energy field. Resolving old blocks assists you in finding freedom from the protective layers of beliefs and habits that enabled you to survive.

With Biofield Tuning, I have experienced more significant results, for myself and with my clients, than with any other energetic modality that I’ve used in 25+ years as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Human Design

I offer Human Design readings, to help people understand how they are Designed to navigate the circumstances of their lives. How to make decisions that are right for them. This leads to increased effectiveness, and to feelings of peacefulness, satisfaction, and love.

Charts are free. Click the button to go to the Charts & Readings page.

Contact Sandra to schedule a reading.

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