Celebrate Your Successes


For a couple of weeks, I have been talking about taking consistent action in ways that support your success — success in health, happiness, relationships, work, business, or whatever you care about.

How do you feel about yourself and what you are — or aren’t — accomplishing?

I used to really punish myself for ‘failing’ in what I had promised myself I would do. Now, when I start doing that, I catch myself in the act and make a point of turning that diatribe off. And I purposely choose to celebrate what I have accomplished.

If you have not seen last week’s video, please watch it first. Today’s content builds on that discussion, and the supportive actions that you prioritized. Here’s a link to What’s On Your To-Do List?

This Healthy Actions for Daily Life series talks about ways to improve an important aspect of your life through taking consistent actions — health, happiness, relationships, work, business, or whatever you care about.

Today’s video. Assuming you watched last week and chose one action to prioritize and complete consistently, now we evaluate how that went. Did you follow through. How often did you complete the action. How do you feel about this. And more…

One important point. Celebrate every success, no matter how small. And do not ‘beat yourself up’ over any perceived failures.

Next week I will take the discussion deeper, looking at more aspects of what you do — and don’t do. I will talk about aspects of how you feel about what you are accomplishing.

I encourage you to engage in this ongoing discussion, take action as described, and consider the questions I ask. Then when you see next week’s video, you will have experiences to work with. Which could be revealing and helpful.

If you have specific questions or struggles that you want me to address, please let me know.

After the video, I talk about Creating the Future and how Biofield Tuning helps me get through feeling stuck and into action.


Celebrate Your Successes

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If you want to watched last week’s video, click here. What’s On Your To-Do List

If you want to watch next week’s video, click here. Ask Yourself New Questions

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