Can You See It? Making Things Happen

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How Healing Happens

The Creative Power of Mental Pictures

Let’s get practical about what it takes to make things happen. I discuss some basics, then move into my topic for today.

There are experiences that you want to have which are not current realities in your life. What do you do?

Here are some basic steps.SUBSCRIBE, FREE GIFTS

  1. Come up with an idea. Example. Make soup for dinner.
  2. Imagine what the result will look, feel, taste and smell like. Mixed vegetables and meat in broth. The soup smells good, has taste and texture, and is filling.
  3. Imagine how it will feel emotionally to have created this. Good, satisfying.
  4. Take action to make it happen. Chop and cook.

Obviously, for substantial projects the steps are more involved. But the basic recipe is the same, whether you are preparing dinner, writing a book, starting a business, or . . . healing something that is imbalanced in your body and not fully healing itself.

You can talk about the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and more. But in the end, the steps are the same.


Step 2. Being able to create a picture in your mind of what you want is a powerful step in the direction of creating anything.

Creating mental pictures is a way of telling your subconscious mind what you want. Your subconscious is a far more powerful force than are your conscious thoughts and decisions. That’s all I’m saying about this here, because it’s a book-length topic.

I believe your ability to heal is increased when you have the following:

  • A mental picture of the body structures that are involved.
  • An understanding of how the structures relate to each other.
  • An understanding of how the structures work together for the body to function.
  • An understanding of what is likely to be imbalanced and contributing to your symptoms.
  • An intention for what you would like to change.
  • Practical, specific, doable actions to take.

Basically, you have a picture, you understand what is happening and what you want, and you do something about it.

Again, in real life it’s more complex. But the basic recipe is consistent.


I have been a practitioner of bodywork and energy work for over twenty years. Part of what makes my work different, and I believe particularly effective is that I also have a background in science.

I help clients develop mental images of the body structures that are affected by their condition. I explain things in language that they can relate to, and I show anatomical pictures. Clients find this helpful.

My ultimate goal is helping people heal, so they can feel and function better. Building understanding empowers them to heal.

If you are another practitioner who routinely shows anatomy pictures, give me a shout out! I would love to share experiences.


Since January, I have posted to this blog about healing my chronic lumbar issues. Visualization is central to my healing techniques. Some people do not believe that they can visualize. For this reason, visual aids like the image at the top of this post are helpful.

When working on myself and with others, I use energy therapy modalities. As attempting to do bodywork on myself is unsuccessful, energy therapies are my self-treatment solution. (If you want more details, visit the energy therapy page of my website.) Unlike bodywork, energy therapies do not physically manipulate muscles, etc. Nevertheless, changes do occur, and energy therapies have a long history of effectiveness.

Here are some of my recent results. Other people have experienced similar relief.

My neck and back have been chronic symptom areas since I was in a car accident thirty years ago. With healing focus on it, my neck has improved. Yet I still experienced neck tightness, and occasional headaches. Within a day of receiving chiropractic adjustments, my neck alignment would feel ‘out’ again.

Just last week, I finally made detailed neck images and did specific healing on the neck muscles and bones. My neck feels consistently better than it has for many years.

Thanks to sitting with terrible posture last night, my back (sacroiliac area) was sharply painful when I got out of bed this morning. It’s been many years since my back made standing and walking difficult. (In the early 90’s, being unable to get out of bed was a regular occurrence. I appreciate both the improvements I’ve made and the practitioners who assist me!) Anyway, this morning I worked on my back, and the pain and muscle tension dissipated.

This works! Now I’m helping other people too. . . .


Are you experiencing pain? Other symptoms? Do you have health issues that you are concerned will worsen over time? Have you experienced injuries that have not completely healed?

Before focusing healing on my back, I had become hopeless about my ability to reverse the trend of what I call ‘Gradually Increasing Symptoms’. I was definitely concerned. This pushed me to start taking different actions.

Now I’m offering this work to you.


Would you like to explore what is possible for your health?

Are you ready to start taking different actions and getting different results?

I am offering free exploratory sessions.

I CAN Heal – Creating Possibilities

Here are the 5 Benefits you will get from this conversation:

  • Create a sense of clarity about the optimal state of health that you really want to have.
  • Discover the essential building blocks for you having the health of your dreams.
  • Determine the #1 thing stopping you from having the health you want.
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward the health you desire.
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do to create the health you truly want.

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