Be Honest About What Works

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I hired people to do something for me. And I really needed them to make modifications. But I was holding back from saying anything.

My entire life, I have been overly concerned about bothering people.

Many people had extraordinarily challenging childhood experiences. In comparison, mine was a walk in the park. I was super fortunate, and I am incredibly grateful.

‘Normal’ though my childhood was, I came away with my share of issues to heal as an adult.

I think this is the reality of life for everyone. It’s part of being Human.


The challenges associated with being – or not being – honest about what works come up in all areas of life. So today’s blog topic is relevant to all situations, to all relationships.

Do you ask for what you need??

Be Honest About What Works

This is the Your Health ‘On’ Stress & What You Can Do series. (To see more of the series than is accessible via the right side menu, see Blog Map at the bottom of the page.)

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