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Wonderful things are happening in my life. I am attracting a stream of opportunities to succeed, and wonderful, collaborative relationships.

Yes, COVID has us all dealing with Shutdowns. Instead of mentally and emotionally withdrawing when the first shutdown was imposed in March, I took advantage of the unexpectedly available time to build a whole new business.

Eight months later, my business is thriving. From one week to the next, my beneficial impact on people’s lives increases. Considering how I used to doubt the efficacy of energy work, I am humbled. My results with Biofield Tuning are extraordinary and real.

I created all of this. I manifested it. I attracted it.

It empowers me to accept 100% responsibility for everything that I attract, positive and not-so-positive.

Let’s talk about how I am manifesting success. Setting intentions for what I want certainly matters. However, there’s more to it than that.

My Human Design chart is a blueprint, describing my gifts and abilities, as well as opportunities that offer learning and growth.

Today’s video shares about how embodying this Human Design blueprint in real life attracts more of what I want. Living By Design calls in powerful manifesting.

For Free Human Design charts, click the button below the video. I will tell you something about your gifts. If I have already sent you a chart, use the email link below.

9 minutes. For Free Human Design charts, click the button below. I will tell you something about how you contribute. If I have already sent you a chart, use the email link below.

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