Ask Yourself New Questions


Today, I share a story of how I’ve gotten through a challenge. It is relevant to today’s video topic. I also talk about positive changes to the blog. So before you get to the video, there’s more writing than usual. 😊

Writing has always been a struggle. When it’s important, I push myself. But writing has been a ‘have to’, rather than a ‘want to’.

When I feel blocked, doing Biofield Tuning gets me moving. Here is evidence of my progress.

Since April, I have posted weekly blogs with videos. I wanted to provide stress relief for people during these times of coronavirus and social unrest. The blogs felt additionally important, as I was unable to see my friends and bodywork clients in person. Wanting to maintain connections and provide support, I pushed through my resistance. And I’ve been remarkably consistent.

Compare this with my history. January through March, 2020, I posted nothing to the blog. I wrote eight episodes in 2019, and two in 2018. I knew I ‘should’ write. But I was stuck. The blog had no consistency.

Considering that back story, I celebrate that I posted six months of weekly newsletters with videos. This is the 26th consecutive week! I had to push myself. But it was easier than I anticipated.

Biofield Tuning kept me on track. When I get stuck, I treat myself. Then I am free to move forward. I also receive treatment from other practitioners, including more Biofield Tuning. I am grateful!

On Friday, I had a healing session that turned on lightbulbs of realization. Elena showed me that I’ve been writing with an unwelcoming style. Plus, I’ve been working at this way too hard. I saw why I’ve struggled so much with writing!

What changed? Elena asked questions that I had never considered, and I saw how much easier, even enjoyable writing could be.

New questions make available new possibilities. (If you want to meet Elena, I tell you how to contact her just before the ‘Stay Tuned’ in my signature block.)

As of Friday, my approach to writing has transformed. Perhaps you will enjoy it more. 😊

Ask Yourself New Questions

Asking yourself new questions is the subject of this week’s video blog. New questions help you be more successful in having the life that you want.

This Healthy Actions for Daily Life series talks about ways to support your success in health, happiness, relationships, work and business by incorporating consistent actions into your daily life.

In today’s video, I ask questions that start you looking differently at what you are accomplishing. More importantly, these questions will shed light on what you are not accomplishing.

These are the questions that sparked realizations for me about my own habits. This inspired me to start this Healthy Actions for Daily Life blog series.

If you have not seen the previous two videos, I recommend watching them first. Today’s content builds on that discussion, and the supportive actions that you prioritized. Here’s a link to What’s On Your To-Do List? Follow that with last week’s Celebrate Your Successes.

Here is one important point that I want to repeat. Celebrate every success, no matter how small. And do not ‘beat yourself up’ over any perceived failures.

After the video, I talk about Creating the Future and ways that you can benefit from Biofield Tuning.

If you have specific questions or struggles that you want me to address, please let me know.


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